5 More Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

In the feedback on my original post, 5 Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Intelligence, two of the most common comments were:

1. 5 ways aren’t nearly enough

2. Nothing works for everyone

I whole heartedly agree with both of these statements.

One reader even went as far as posting his/her own 5 Ways in the Reddit comment thread. I thought they were so good that I wanted to share with everyone else. Here they are:

1. Cultivate friendships with people who think differently. I enjoy talking to people who really challenge my conception of the world. Artists (I’m not one), medical staff (I’m not one), construction workers (I’m not one) and so on.

2. Get outside your own culture through travel, social gatherings, … Travel is great (but the hit on the environment is large, so…. do a few long trips rather than many short ones perhaps?) especially if you immerse locally. Going to Cuba and staying in a western hotel is not travel. Going backpacking in Nepal is. Doing voluntravel (going somewhere to help, e.g. Medicins Sans Frontiers) is ideal. But in any event the challenge to your sense of normalcy is fabulous. I spent a month in western China with my kids. Watching them take in the local environment and adapt was a real eye opener to how stuck-in-my-own-ways I’d become.

3. Learn that it is okay to turn off your cell phone and email. Reflective thought and deep reading take time. Oh excuse me, just got an email, be right back. Nope, that doesn’t work. Its okay to be unreachable for hours a day. I aim to answer email for an hour at the end of the day, at most. For many hours I’m unreachable except by family. Since I started that my time for thinking and reading has risen dramatically.

4. Do less better. There’s always another project that we rush to, never finishing the one we were doing. Sorry, great works of science and art take great dedication, polish, and repolish! Sure, we’re not all Darwin or Monet, but we should ASPIRE to be. Just say no to some projects. Focus on a few (make your family a project… for extra points!).

5. In all things seek balance. I agree that exercise is good. So is reading. So is relaxation – and if a bit of TV is what works, great. I for one watch old romantic comedy movies when I’m brain dead (well, okay, when I’m especially brain dead). I also enjoy blending my activities – go for a long walk that ends up at a coffee shop where I read a paper or book and stare out the window.

These 5 things are a great compliment to the original article, but there are still many more the haven’t been mentioned. I’d love to hear what works best for you.

What are your favorite ways to make the most of your intelligence? Share them in the comments.

170 Responses to 5 More Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

  1. I’ve been battling a sense of futility concerning intelligent people and how they really don’t DO anything for the world anymore. That the influential people of the world are more concerned with their own power than sharing the knowledge they have and inspiring passion amongst the apathetic masses.

    Stumbling upon this blog has been a bright point in my search for examples that there are people who honestly give a damn about anything.

    I adore you. I also adore this commenter’s five reasons because they display some sense outside of the self and more of a continuity with the world that a lot are lacking.

    Keep up the great work. Much love.

  2. Beth says:

    “Going to Cuba and staying in a western hotel is not travel.”

    It depends where you started the journey. When I lived in Big Spring, TX and had never been out of west TX, going to Dallas broadened my view of the world immensely. So what if I stayed in Motel 6?

    If you’ve never stayed in a motel, staying in ANY motel, is indeed travel.

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  4. Sania Wyatt says:

    I for one love playing challenging games like chess or Igo, which sharpens mental acuity.

  5. Javier says:

    I’m sorry to say this, Beth, but traveling to Dallas is not Journey. Yes, you may have grown up in a small town, away from large cities, but getting out of your culture is different. You still spoke english when you went to Dallas. You knew the type of food you were going to order. You knew how find a place to stay…. But going to a foreign country where you are immersed into a different culture… now that’s Travel… You don’t know the langauge, food, where to sleep, how to get around, etc. You have to learn the customs of their land and adapt accordingly. I’ve never been to NYC, and have lived in the U.S. my whole life. Going to NYC is not “Travel”, it’s a visit… There’s more to the world then just the U.S…

  6. C Evan says:

    Another way to maximize your intelligence is through your diet. Excess fat (especially trans fats) and simple sugar intake leave the brain sluggish. In additon, degenerative diseases like diabetes heart attack and stroke can be linked to ill considered dietetic choices. Cruciferous vegetables, almonds, salmon, soybeans, brown rice, reishi mushrooms, avocado and bananas all help with brain function. Supplements and herbs in capsule form like Flaxseed Oil and Ginkgo Biloba are beneficial as well.

  7. c5 says:

    Do crosswords and cryptograms…my favorites…

  8. penny says:

    Read math books!
    Work up to advanced math.
    Nothing is as challenging as math.

  9. John Wesley says:

    That’s a good one. I guess I forgot to include anything about math. Programming exercises would be good too.

  10. Erik Greene says:

    I traveled to Italy several years ago and was there for several weeks. When I returned, the first thing I did was to go find the nearest good burger joint and enjoy a 100% USDA sandwich. While I was eating, my father made a comment to the effect, “What a great opportunity, that was once in a lifetime, son.” I stopped, looked him straight in the eye and replied, “Better kill me now.”

    If I could ever make a recommendation, it would be to travel. Do it often. Do it with someone else. Get out of your comfort zone.

  11. John Wesley says:

    I know what you mean. I traveled through Europe for a few weeks with a few friends after graduation this summer. Who knows when I’ll get the chance to go back.

  12. Hilda Hayne says:

    I completely agree with the idea of travel as a way to increase intelligence. I spent a month in Ireland during college and it changed my life. You cant fully grasp the fact that there is another way of life besides that of the U.S. until you experience it first hand. Once you do you become more open minded then you ever thought imaginable.

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  14. I have to agree about turning off the phone and e-mail, especially the phone. For most people it is an addiction; you really don’t have to answer it as soon as it rings. And having time for yourself allows you to recharge. I know I’m less cranky around other people when I’ve had time to myself. We all need our personal space.

  15. rcg says:

    Oh darn! Why in the hell did I find you AFTER I decided that I was going to strictly limit my time on the internet?

  16. John,

    You’ve got an impressive connection with your “inner self” and it comes out in the wisdom to share. I’m impressed with this, and with your equally prolific writing! Keep up the great work! (Here and in your workouts — congrats on the weight loss and muscle gain!)

  17. John Wesley says:

    Thanks a lot, Christopher. I’m glad you’ve found my writing worth while. :)

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  19. kaushik says:

    Thank you for the writing you have posted . It was very helpful for all of us . my collegues, students and my family
    thank you again

  20. sea says:

    Write! It doesn’t matter what, as long as you’re trying to express thoughts or feelings, understand the world, comment on events, develop a theory of something, or make stories up. Just write in full sentences, not in lists or bullet points, and your mind will grow.
    (I also suspect that writing longhand, at least some of the time, gives an extra boost… and it avoids the drain of looking at a monitor.)

  21. 私服 says:

    I found this is the best game!

  22. Ryan says:

    Reading something new and challenging often can stimulate the mind. Try not to always read about something you are already familiar with, but instead seek new material that cover subjects you may have never heard of. How else can you become enlightened if you don’t venture outside familiarity?

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  24. Ganesh Prabhu says:


    That was great work. I think me visiting this article was something different which I did apart from my daily technical works. It was really boosting my brains ..

  25. bob says:

    aubh9T hi nice site thx http://peace.com

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  27. Sarah :) says:

    I find car jorneys are the best thing to make me think.
    Looking our the window at the world rushing by with my mp3 player really does it for me for some reason.
    Also I think your comment about travel very valid. I’ve been backpacking to Sri Lanka, Turkey, Tunisia and Vietnam and on each trip I’ve gained some insight onto others lives and felt more confident within myself.
    I’m hoping to go to Malawi with my school this year to help build a well and help a school there that we have correspondence with.
    Moreover, I LOVEEEE reading. Have you read any Cecelia Ahern books? They always get me thinking. :)
    Your a impressive guy John, I’ll keep looking out for any more posts you went out.
    Love x

  28. Great tips, ill put these into play

  29. exercise says:

    excellent information.

  30. why kill says:

    ill take number 3

  31. person says:

    exercise your breathing everyday it only trakes 10 min the most your brain needs oxygen

  32. exomoskeer5 says:

    I understand what you mean. The only books i read now are fantasy books, they make me feel like i am traveling. The only book that i read that i liked and didn’t hate was Hatchet (outside of school), i read the whole series and now i feel like i should go into the wilderness. It made me feel like i was traveling. So, i watch only the informational channels now and try to watch man vs wild and other survival shows like that as much as possible. The alaskan episode of m v. w makes me want to eat fresh caught salmon, YUMMM!!! Oh yeah, im alittle off subject but bear with me(not a joke). I was in the boyscouts witch taught me how to use certain things in a first aid kit, plus im taking chemistry(i hope Mr. T teaches me what chemicals are used to heal skin. The point is i have a very very high intelligence for a sophmore, but nobody knows it. I mean come on i practically invented a car that uses NO gas when i was in the fourth grade, NO KIDDING!! Just nobody knows bcause they cant see throught my ADD, and they dont even know its there… It would help if someone commented this, and if i remember replying to this message…

    now that i look back at this message i really got off subject…

  33. What an interesting article! I shall be sure to put these into use!

  34. emo hair says:

    brilliant tips, i am all for the travel, i wanna go backpacking in china, or japan lol.

  35. Platzreife says:

    I for one love playing challenging games like chess or Igo, which sharpens mental acuity.

  36. Registrar says:

    Knowledge transfer from experienced people can improve your intelligence too

  37. Energetic Tim says:

    I am a big fan of this website and I read as many articles as I can. I find that good ideas come to me when I am relaxed and confident. Sometimes I can be very relaxed, as if I am in a spa and a good idea will come to me. Music helps me relax a lot and that is when ideas hit. I was at a concert yesterday evening listening to a pianist play Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto and when I close my eyes my imagination runs wild and I start dreaming of various dances, a beautiful scene, I imagine transforming the concert hall into a specatularly modern music hall. At other times, I get ideas from the newspaper, books and articles on the web. I also get ideas from design books, fashion and interior design magazines. Travelling is also a great way to observe how other cultures are, how other people in foreign countries live and how different each culture can be. There are so many ways people can maximize their creativity and intelligence and all you have to do is find a way that suits you and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

  38. dessi says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you sea!,I’ve been writing in journals for quite some time now, and think that this has not only helped me on an intellectual level, but has also transfered over into my social life (naturally very shy) by helping me express my thoughts and feelings openly, logically, and fluidly. thanks for your input!

  39. DebDeb says:

    You will need to expand your travels to achieve clarity regarding the “staying in a Western hotel” statement. There is a huge difference when you are fully immersed in another culture.

  40. Omari says:

    Travelling definetely expands the horizon of oneself. Seeing how other people live, especially when you see what they go through, you’re more efficiently able to put in perspective what’s really important in your life.

    Like Augustine of Hippo said:

    “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

  41. Omari says:

    Travelling definitely expands the horizon of oneself. Seeing how other people live, especially when you see what they go through, you’re more efficiently able to put in perspective what’s really important in your life.

    Like Augustine of Hippo said:

    “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

  42. ZF says:

    I’m surprised more people haven’t mentioned playing an instrument. I think that it’s rewarding in lots of ways: manual dexterity, “mental dexterity”, it can be social, emotional, challenging, etc.

    Music can be challening/rewarding in more technical terms when you get into the theory behind it, which is ultimately rooted in math. Or even write your own.

    Finally, if you like to sing along like i do, it’s a big physical pick-me-up. I find that the physical engagement, emotional expression, and deep breathing to have very pleasant effects.

  43. I might give step 3 in the main blog a go as I’m always connected online with messengers and that. Thanks for the advice

  44. your blog is very good, keep up the good work.

  45. ultraviolent says:

    Marcel Proust once said, “The only true voyage, the only Fountain of Youth, would be discovered not in travelling to strange lands but in having different eyes, in seeing the universe with the eyes of another, of a hundred others, in seeing the hundred universes each of them sees, which each of them is.” But I think what he said was half right. The physical displacement from your ordinary vista, everyday environment is a logical prerequisite for seeing the universe with the eyes of another person.

  46. NSA says:

    I believe one way to engage our brains to function more is to think differently. For example, when you are looking at something, your brain tells you what it is. Then you gotta think why it is there, how it got to be there, how does this work, how you can use it, etc, etc.

    Questioning until you cannot find an answer, and then digging more to learn further is a good way of cognition. It is fun too. 😀

    Keep asking ‘what if’, then you can imagine one situation in different perspectives and know distinct outcomes. That would be acquiring ‘creative-experience’ (as I call it). Problems would be easily solved if you knew nearly all the answers, right?

  47. Dr. Perry says:

    A little known way to increase one’s intelligence is actually to go into ‘beta-wave mode’ for a little while every day. When you are only half listening to someone or not really paying attention to the world even though you still recognise it around you, your brain will pick up on things you might not have noticed and will even make some very interesting connections that you might not have otherwise made.

  48. ...... says:


  49. Jasif Mir says:

    I forget things easily it can be anything, people says that money is the one thing that one cannot forget, but I forget. I m now applying your tips in my daily routine. I noticed that it works. when I want to exercise my brain I used to read any interested article that no one stop reading until it ends. thank you.

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  51. MR says:

    i want to be the best speaker, but i am nowhere close to best i guess. I can’t watch TV continously for more than one hour, i cant read continously for more than half an hour. the only thing i am interested in is making money. Offically i am considered as the best, but socially i am nowhere close to best. I have best colleagues but i dont have best friend. I like to read about economics and bussiness but i dont enjoy my life the way others do. I learn by listening and not by reading. I am good in talking to people over the phone, but when it comes to talking face to face, i am not that great. I was born in India, staying in UAE for amost 2 years now, i can speak abut the economy of dubai and present my thoughts to a group of people, but i can’t speak about the culture, lifestyle etc… I usually learn by listening and observing and not by reading, the way others do. I want to read a book that i can read till the end, could you suggest me a book to start with? and also, something on icreasing my IQ level. I am more confortable talking to men then women, i dont know why, but i want to be more talktive to the opp sex as well.

  52. Claudia says:

    In ancient Greece, all learning was done ambulating, and listening to the teacher. No sitting there with a book in front of you. I sometimes take my work out to the lake (as much as the notoriously wet German weather will allow me to, of course), especially if I have to read and understand a pile of scientific articles.

  53. santosh says:

    very useful..thank you so much..

  54. Papanash says:

    Concentration and Meditation. Meditation after physical exercise can improve us remarkably.

  55. prom gowns says:

    thx,really useful!i will follow!

  56. Tyler says:

    It is funny that you are talking about being open minded, yet you are telling someone else that their new experience isn’t ‘different’ enough. Shame on you….you don’t have to go travel to another country to learn new things and have an enjoyable time.

  57. ajay says:

    i think some more ways to improve intelligence are:-
    1]ANALYZING:- analyze about as many things as you can,for example, analyze why you like and hate a particular actor/actress,films, people in your life. analyze why a particular person is successful or a looser.

    2]read three very important books i.e, Think and grow rich,Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people”, and Michael lee’s persuasion ebook:- http://www.20daypersuasion.com/

    Dale Carnegie’s book has really helped me a lot and also Michael Lee’s books,he gives a lot of free ebooks when you sign up on his newsletter, and one of them is “21 Powerful Ways To Persuade People To Do What You Want”. i have learned many useful things in this free ebook.

  58. DarkAvenger says:

    Nice post

  59. emo says:

    Very useful, thank you so much..

  60. John says:

    You should write a book. I’d be the first to buy it!

  61. Joe says:

    This is very helpful. I unfortunately have ADHD and it has hindered my ability to learn and prevented me from being where I want to be. However, these tips will definitely help me do better. I really will follow all of the advice and hopefully everything will work out.

  62. Nicholas Patterson says:

    I believe that the best ways of enhancing your mental capacity are by reading,writing, solving mathematical problems and also finding different types of ways to relax are solid ways to strengthen your brain power.

  63. jose j.herrera says:

    The main contamination is in the brain.

    This is a great gift for christmas for me and my friends.

    Go and share us your advices.

    Thank you.

  64. K i agree with this..but ma prblm is that i can’t contrl ma mind frm doing un necessary activities…can u help me to concentrate in ma studies….

  65. stephanie cliff says:

    ur techniques are ok!i spend most times watchn tv,but’v hv bn readn for sometime now,and found out that readn helps to enhance one’s brain.thanx for ur advice! S

  66. Amy says:

    These are great ideas! Another thing that helps me is developing a routine. In the morning, I’ve starting reading the newspaper, doing the crossword, and exercising for 10 minutes. Moving around in the morning after treating myself to the newspaper has the effect of energizing me for the rest of the day.

  67. Ravi waghmare says:

    Really ! simple things of Great Value.

  68. Jonathan says:

    ok so my problem is that when i try to study, when reading i think about something else. it could be anything, and so i cant studyy! HELP

  69. Nwankwo chijioke says:

    I am intelligient i want to improve on it so any body that can profer solution should reach me through my email

  70. M. Sheraz Khan says:

    Well I am muslim and i dont know whether my views will be adopted or liked by someone or not!
    But here are my ways which i think can make you more intelligent than you are:
    1: As john said: Early to bed early to rise, in addition have an ablution as muslims do early in the moring before sunrise. Then recite something in your own best devised way in a little louder voice. doing all this will fresh up your senses: washing your hands then cleansing your mouth with fresh water, cleansing your nose, then washing your arms upto your elbows, then wet your back side of your neck and wet a little bit of your hair, will recharge you to take charge. you will feel pure when you do this, then reciting something in your own devised way will use your brain which you havent used before and you will feel relax afterwards. try it once and you will get used to of it.
    Have Ablution atleast five times a day will keep you alive and alert throught the day, times are in the afternoon, in early evening, in the evening when the sun sets and aftre an hour after the sun sets.
    2: Think good about the people, this will make you satisfied. Try to smile most of the times but not laughing. Smiling uses almost 15 muscles of your facial muscles which keeps your face healthy and refreshing. Smiling also make your brain think positively. Positive thinking aids to rewire your brain and strengthen brain areas that stimulate positive feelings. Fear of failure also goes away when you smile, and helps to devise a better way out, which means your intelligence is charging up.
    3: Try to calculate complex figures when you find a ten minute break: start with 2 + 2 = 4 then multiply it with 37 and sbtract -19 from it and take the square root of 49 and add in it. This will force your brain to use it quickly. the brain will use more boxes to store your previous calculation result, hence you will be opening your mind by doing so. this will no doubt helps make you more confident and you will rely on your brain most of the times. When you rely on your brain then your brain will automatically get used to of it to find difficult solutions in a quicker manner.
    4: Explore your self in your leisure time, explore your abilities and disabilities, and make a note in your brain about them and then make a plan to use them or to improve them. Memorising it time to time will store it the cache of your brain, This will help your brain know about your strengths and weakneses and your brain will use it whenever you think upon anything.
    5: Eat less than your appetite, it wont let your brain feel drowsy and and your brain remain active afterwards. More eating makes your brain to think less.

    There are more: if you want to know more then email me. Thanks.

  71. Hiranmoi says:


  72. Hiranmoi says:



  73. wilsyl says:

    thank for the advice, it helps me a lot.

  74. Ethan says:

    Great advice M.Sheraz..i will definetly try to use it to not only enhance my brain power but to also use it in a better way.thanx bro

  75. Mark says:

    Thank you M. Sheraz Khan, I’ll definitely try out your techniques.

  76. Hoilamt says:

    I find writing quotations collecting quotations in a special notebook as a quiet collection of thoughts is a great way to stimulate the brain!

  77. Hoilamt says:

    Yes, Sea, you are right. Writing is such a great way of building up our minds. I find writing enjoyable, especially collecting quotations into a special notebook of personal thoughts. Add colours or use a  fancy notebook for extra interest so your eyes are interested in the reading material. :-)

  78. Blablablabla4 says:

    Not one mention of dual n back??? Dual n back is a computer exercise and is the only proven way to increase intelligence not that the other ideas are bad ones. Someone also mentioned mathematics and if done under pressure research is starting to point to math as a potential IQ booster. Any mental stimulation is great even if it is just eating or drinking with the non dominate hand. But still peeps you can’t forget dual n back. Also I consider ATM or Feldenkrais work to be the dual n back of physical exercise.

  79. Blablablabla4 says:

    You need to look more into fats. There is a reason why low carb/ high protein fat diets are good and part of it is that high fat can work as anti inflammatory/ anti oxidant in the brain. But the big fats are DHA and EPA as well as the omega 3 fats. DHA is showing to be very beneficial to the brain.

  80. Blablablabla4 says:

    It needs to be timed so you are doing the math under pressure but math might be as promising as dual n back.

  81. Jasonwayneowen says:

    I really enjoyed the post as well. I also completely agree with your comments. I have longed for stimulating conversation with open-minded intellectuals. It is a rariety that I actually find this conversation. It seems that in today’s mainstream society; intelligence isn’t regarded like it once was. People, in general, are unfortunately two things: ignorant and apathetic. God help us all.

  82. Daken says:

    Jason,Javier and The mad Engineer, you all make very interesting and valid statements but i cant help but notice how fundamentally flawed they are at the same time( i hope that doesn’t sound to contradicting) there is so much that the intellectually gifted have given to the rest of the world,and yes there are a large amount of apathetic people out there but the empathetic out weigh them,but the negative aspect out weighs the positive im afraid,so as i stated before you are all very intelligent individuals who obviously know your stuff, and your comments alone show that the search for other intellectually stimmulating people isn’t as fruitless as you all may think 😉  with mind such as your selves I can expect some rather fascinating ramifications for our future.

  83. Freiflug says:

    try to study a carrer like engineer  thats a real challenge

  84. mark says:

    philosophically i hate math.. it can’t improve reasoning skills. any way I really appreciate your website it’s help a lot, thanks..

  85. Mdrakibulhasan says:

    your suggestion is very fine.GIVE UR EMAIL.

  86. Mdrakibulhasan says:

    your suggestion is very fine.GIVE UR EMAIL.

  87. sydney says:

    Although this is somewhat different compared to the topic at hand, I had stumbled upon this article  in hopes of something that can really increase my intelligence. I’ll be specific. For those of you that live in NYC, you’ve probably heard of Stuyvesant HS. Well, I go there. For those of you that don’t know, it’s a high school full of the smartest kids in the city. The intelligence of the students there ranges from moderately smart to mediocre genius to incredible. To give you an idea and a rare example, there is a freshman currently taking multivariate calc. I, if you haven’t figured it out, belong in the moderately smart category. Maybe not even. I am now a junior. I started out with a 94 overall average, a 3 point drop from middle school. Due to stress from school and the smart people around me and family problems and a mild case of depression, my average is now an 89. Not good at all. I want to step it up. I know I can do it if I try harder, but there’s no time. I know this thread ended 4 years ago. But please, help me out and give me some advice.

  88. M0sthated4o1 says:

    I’d like to say I was reading up on both articles and they both were amazing!
    What helps me relax myself and clear my thoughts are turning off my phone and just reflecting and setting my priorities straight. I also wanted to say I agree 100% with “The Mad Engineer” comment, this was very inspiring that some people do care.

  89. Jodon_deniega says:


  90. Jodon_deniega says:


  91. Jodon_deniega says:


  92. udhay says:

    it makes me think baout what i am and who i am//

  93. Student From Italy says:

    Im Too Late To Comment I believe , But I have some questions that i hope someone answers … : Reach The most of your intellegence ? Okay . . what about increasing your intellegent ? I mean Can I Ameliorate my Iq Level ?? 
    Is that actually possible ?? 

  94. Joy Maisel says:

    Reading both articles was a pleasure for me because I have a passion for learning. I am Deaf and I use American Sign Language as my first language. I use English for reading and writing, but still it is my second language. I absorb information visually, so I depend on reading to increase my knowledge of world.  I use my critical thinking skills to exercise my intelligence and to advance my comprehension. Whenever I face an unfamiliar word or an inexplicable concept I just look it up in the dictionary to fetch a non-fiction to cognize better. To be able to evaluate my intellectual performance, I create a variety of exciting, challenging and inspiring projects for me to use my brain and to see how capable I can become with my brainpower.   :)

  95. Sam says:

    It’s sad how true your comment is. People just don’t seem to care anymore. They become so self absorbed that no one else matters anymore. It’s so frustrating to hold conversations with most people because of their closed-mindedness. The things that are important to most people today and what they talk about seem so irrelevant. I am a thirteen year old and even talking to adults has gotten so pointless, it’s like, why bother? But hopefully people will realize that the way they do things aren’t the only ways and there’s so much more to learn. And I loved this post, hope everyone gets a chance to travel or meet different people in different environments.

  96. Hamzeh Rayan says:

    I think team work is good for growing intelligence means solve problem with each others.
    and I read an article that said solving mathematic problem is effective, too or keep in mind phone number or generally numbers.

  97. Manish41975 130 says:


  98. Glenn_randle says:

    With the majority of all of us having access to the internet in today’s society. I find it challenging but also rewarding to pick a topic a few days a week that I have no knowledge of and learning about it. Whether it’s on boating, birds, or how to build a dog house it allows me to gain a bit of knowledge on a variety of topics.

  99. Manohar singh says:

    its will improve my iq nd the way i  think of my world
    i agree with your words nd i will follow them

  100. Stephanie Gc Lucero says:

    I agree with you!

  101. Guest says:

    Fall in love with someone much younger than yourself.

  102. nireesh kumar says:

    These are some really amazing ideas and 1 of the ways I try to improve my intelligence is by watching interesting  documentaries.

  103. nireesh kumar says:

    that is stupid

  104. Cowleshome says:

    Aspire to be Darwin as an artist, lol well his theories are purely artistic rather than scientific aren’t they.  

  105. Cowleshome says:

    Aspire to be Darwin as an artist, lol well his theories are purely artistic rather than scientific aren’t they.  

  106. Ruck973 (google me) says:

    walnuts too are very good for the brain and they look like a brain

    shall i continue…

    carrots are good for the eyes and they look like eyes on the inside…

    tomatoes are good for the heart and it looks like a heart…

    I’m sure there’s more…THINK

    Do you know anymore?

  107. Ruck973 says:

    You are correct but those fats need to come from natural sources…to be able to aide the brain…Our bodies don’t recognize processed foods because of certain (to not be too technical I’ll say) energies lost in the preparation and/or transportation of said fatty foods. So yes, certain fats are good but they must be organic.

  108. Ruck973 says:

    The comments to this post alone show that people do care. As a matter of fact there are millions of people who care. The only thing we can do is work on ourselves and be an example to the ones around us (this is showing you care). Be the person you would want your child to be. So be at your best mentally, physically, and spiritually and the whole world will change. The more you know the more successful you will be – no matter what your perception of success is. Knowledge will do. If everyone who reads this perfects themselves mentally, physically and spiritually, then it would exponentially have a chain effect on the entire world. I am a revolutionary thinker and this is the best way to change the world as we know it.

  109. Ruck973 says:

    Sorry for going all off the topic, but I was compelled to write all of that. Maybe somebody needed that I don’t know. Peace

  110. Amon_868 says:

    this is useless article………

  111. Nakorsakov says:

    Some of my own observations…
    Avoid repetition. New restaurants, foods, travel locations.
    Vary your reading, friends, and you must travel to other countries.
    Walk through the library or bookstore and grab interesting titles as you go.
    Organic blueberries.
    Watch BBC…especially BAFTA nominees.

  112. Mr Mjm says:

    I’ve read much about improving your memory
    But what most of the people reading this are looking for something like
    How to process everything faster & how to consecrate for hours.
    I’m not saying I don’t like this article. It is amazing, but I’m talking about something specific

  113. John Murphy Scuba says:

    I agree with Tyler, simply changing your environment from your comfort zone can ber a challenge for some, especially if it is the first time to have made the move, a new challenge always stimulates the brain. You have to think out of your “box” so to speak. I am fortunate in thaty being from the UK, if I travel it tends to almost always involve meeting people from different cultures and languages. I now have a good understanding of French, Spanish and Portuguese. I have lived in Ireland, Spain and Portugal, at different times in my life, so have the fortune of experiencing these things at different ages, thereby viewing things with more progressive viewpoints and understanding. I have also travelled to the middle east, thailand and the carribean, south america and north africa. Yes, I am fortunate, but I believe this has made me appreciate everything I have, all that I work for and all the views on the world. I love talking to people about both mine and their experiences. I was in a hotel only two weeks ago, in Heathrow, and managed to meet a very interesting guy, and we talked about various subjects, including politics, and also about meeting people and experience exchange. That was 130 miles from where I live – but it was a completely new experience. So to talk about travel and say it needs to be further afield is, to be honest, in my personal opinion absolute pugwash! Yes, it does giove a different viewpoint, but so does a stranger from the same town, that may have a totally different tale to tell. Its the art of conversation and experience exchange that is important (Well, thats my thoughts anyway)
    I may be wrong, although where I live now is 130 miles away from any of my own family, and most of my friends live either that far away or generally further. The one unfortunate thing for me, is that I now believe that to a certain extent, if I meet local people I wont learn a whole lot more than I can learn myself from the local area anyway…I like to try things out and see for myself. It gives me more to give to others and talk about. Luckily, I have grown with these experiences, and also feel I am luckily not one of those stereotypical English louts abroad, or a bigoted guy that thinks my way is the right way. Sometimes it may well be, but others it certainly is not, and I’m not going to tell someone that somethings wrong just because I would normally do something different from them – thats what learning should be about – real life, real situations, and real experience. Books are great, if you have an open mind, and do not necessarily believe all that you read…if you question it, then you are learning, and if you experience it for yoursel;f then you have that forever.

    Sory to epress my view if it is upsetting to some, but again, thats my opinion, and nobody else’s, for which I am entitled.
    The one thing I do hate though, is when people have an opinion and are not willing to accept that others have one too – so any fundamentalist viewpoint I believe to be unnecessary. If we all accepted a little more from everyone else the planet might just be a nicer place!

  114. Mr Dooganthebergerpicard says:

    89 is a great average for many people… I think that most of us found this website because we are searching to ways to be better and to grow. I know I am. What Im also learning is that I don’t have to be perfect. My self esteem should depend on my performance… My performance tends to be a reflection of my self esteem.

    I found this blog because I just finished watching Kiss of the Spider Woman tonight (and like many of you I was multitasking through half of it because I wanted to be productive). Anyway, a subplot was about escapism…. It really hit home.

    So Sydney my point is: don’t be too hard on yourself and enjoy your youth while learning. Maybe take a step back and ask yourself what the point of your learning is. What will you remember after you graduate? Don’t forget, you are investing hours of your life learning these things… Why not enjoy the process and be grateful for being where you are? It sounds like perhaps your intellect will help you contribute to others in the world not only with what you have learned but also in the way which you live your life.

    Be well.

  115. Mr Dooganthebergerpicard says:

    Clarification: …self esteem should NOT depend on my performance… Bloody iPad prevented scrolling up and proof reading before posting… Lol :)

  116. ash says:

    I agree with it.

  117. ash says:

    I agree with it.

  118. sydney says:

    thank you

  119. Akashmv91 says:

    i think what you got here is way too helpful and it also makes people to comeback from old  reading  techniques to your new ones.
    if they adopt these techniques surely they will become more intelligent.


  120. Akashmv91 says:

    i think what you got here is way too helpful and it also makes people to comeback from old  reading  techniques to your new ones.
    if they adopt these techniques surely they will become more intelligent.


  121. Spellcheck says:

    It’s complement, not compliment

  122. Katrina says:

    Haha, useful! 😀

  123. Kaif_coolnp says:

    yahhhhhhhhh mostly  i agree with u all,,,,,,,,,, but what i use to do for my self is, when i got the extratime, like to solve some mathmatical problems and among the game , i use to play snookers and football.but especially what i think is not just these kind of stuffs what were running through it depends upon ur diet what ur eating at the same time. and it quite depends the kinds of friend u have,it’s better to deal with people of different religion,different area, different country either face-2 face or in the net,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so i just wanna say that i m having good experience through what i m walking and we have face everything as subject in the language of doc

  124. Aakanshamehrotra says:

    just do everything without fear       as time spent in fear is doing overtime work without pay

  125. anial says:

    what is really the main denominator of those you have said>?

  126. medschoolkid says:

    thanks, imm tryinq to find some quidance in life, and i believe that this post has helped me, thanks.

  127. Brent83 says:

    Most people don’t even know that they are so blind to what life is all about and just live life the way they were told without regard to intelligence… I my self was living trapped in my own mind i’m 29 and I feel like i was just born in December it feels as a rebirth… I am starving for knowledge most the day i’m looking for quotes or anything i never knew… YouTube was the tool that cracked my mind open well it was my life experiences added… but what i found was i lived in fear and lies the reason the tv makes people cut off from reality is because its all lies, scare tactics, or just plain entertainment with no stimulation… but thank you for the posts they were great comments alike…

  128. Fchin123 says:

    The 5 Ways are really smart. I like Pointer 1 on making friends with different kinds of people, based on the premise that we could profit from other people’s experience, mistakes and observations. As Confucius noted, everyone is your teacher if you take a strong interest in their lives.

    My personal technique to make myself smarter, more savvy in handling relationship, and more productive in my activities: continually read and pick up pointers from Buddha’s many down-to-earth, practical discourses in the Suttas. (By the way, Buddhism is not a religion, just a practical, smart way to realise your true potential.) 

  129. Mookashacka says:

    I am 16.  You are a very bright young man. I came to this conclusion 6 months ago, and have been feeling pretty smart because of it. Now I come here to find that you are 3 full years ahead of me. CURSES!

    “Stumbling upon this blog has been a bright point in my search for examples that there are people who honestly give a d*** about anything.”
    AMEN to THAT!

    I adore you all for the insight that you are so willing to share with the apathetic masses.

    Ever read the Ender’s Game saga?  These books have kept my mental sanity  in a state that attending a public school usually eliminates. 

  130. Tabuaatunaisa says:


  131. Tabuaatunaisa says:

    Iam 16 for me its really  challenging .

  132. Jake says:

    You are not as intelligent as you would like us to believe. You’re obviously not very knowledgeable on the subject-nor am I-but I find your persistence against someone who obviously is knowledgeable to be gross and uncalled for.

  133. Jeremiah say says:

    Phew, point 3 is a real relieve.. Turn off your cell phone and ignore the email. Recently I’ve been overwhelmed by them so much. I guess I need to start improvement my “intelligence” 

  134. Bhushan Harry says:

    thank u think the fourth point was missing in my life and thus im leading on to  a greater productivity.thanks to d author once again:D

  135. Winston Reid says:

     haha so true
    Same with olives for the eyes and beans for digestion (that look like your kidneys) and muscle growth
    Very clever

  136. Akr333 says:

    gathering knowledge about useful practical things or matters.try to know what is important to know as possible.hearing others problems,try to solve with the help of brain.social works.try to control own behabiour and brain.concentration.

  137. Moggy says:

    Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind

  138. Moggy says:

    Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind

  139. Abhinsprabha says:

    really nice… way of presentation is very good!!!

  140. ofwnurse says:

    thank you very much for such a wonderful advise.. It helped me a lot in my current situation as a student in a master degree..

  141. Soetoro Barry61 says:

    you lost me with your  politically correct travel comment “Travel is great (but the hit on the environment is large, so…. do a few
    long trips rather than many short ones perhaps?) especially if you
    immerse locally. Going to Cuba and staying in a western hotel is not
    travel. Going backpacking in Nepal is.”    If I want to go to Budapest and I live in California am I going to swim. I am looking to improve my IQ not feed Al Gore’s pocket.  Most of what you suggest makes good sense. But that comment about travel just lost my confidence in you.

  142. Vikas Raj says:

    I am gone try these in my routine 

  143. Raymond ching says:

     thank you so much for your opinion,it really help me a lots

  144. Foziahhamid says:

    My point of view is reading newspapers regularly certainly helps to increase knowledge and i suppose intelligence also? Am i correct on my opinion or not?

  145. Foziah Hamid says:

    I had been always in this process of to know  about how people become intelligent until i joined my college way back in 1995.  and gradually i learned  over time that what pays you most in the long term and develops an intellect in yourself is the amount of handwork that you put in. I experienced that dedication and perseverance bears the fruits.I guess that different aspects of workings require different traits to make an intelligent and positive produce. A student needs a rigorous reading in a right direction, a laborer requires to improve his or her labor skills, a scientist needs focused attitude and so so, but one thing that is common among all these is how sincerely and honestly you are doing and have been doing this work that i think ultimately will sharpen your mind and develop your brain.

  146. Foziahhamid says:

     Thanks for ur a very better advice.

  147. Vikram Raipure says:

    I am very weak in study so how can iomproved it

  148. Onshom says:

    amasing infos waoh all the five ‘re greatly making a great impact in my life it’s hasn’t remain thesame any longer thanks a  million time and keep up the the great job!!

  149. Housesareonsale says:

    Avoiding repetition. A good one. A very good one.

  150. Grace says:

    working on jigsaw puzzles.

  151. Karan111 says:

    I also agree with your thoughts , but  i still need to implement such ideas in my life. i will start working on these ideas from Now…Thnx for post…

  152. Kobusingye Evelyn says:

    This is very true. Travelling to a place like Uganda in Africa is travel. Where by you will find people that enjoy matooke( steamed bananas) see the land of milk and honey( mbarara) Uganda also said to be the no.1 chosen tourist destination is a great place to travel to and be intellectually challenged by many things we have to offer you. Evelyn from Uganda and working in Quality safaris & car rentals. On facebook Evelyn Muhumuza.

  153. JaShawn Rogers says:

    I love to write. My poems are very reflective of my thoughts. When I need a break, I sometimes go to a room and just wrote whatever comes to mind. My poetry books can. Be purchased at amazon.com and barnesandnobles.com.

  154. Abhijeet 125 says:

    your point no. 4 here best suits on me , as i start and want to finish the topic with 100% satisfaction that i have grasp it all.
    But it happens lesser times.
    Now, i will more concentrate to move on next rather than holding old one.
    And will follow do less better, really it is also amazing to walk alone and thinking of creative idea i will do all this.
    these were lacking points in me and thanks a lot for sharing your creative idea to improve brain processing.
    thanx once again

  155. Leonardofecury says:

    sleeping early

  156. Daniroch16 says:

    I come home every day listen to music and run in place for 15 min. and while I’m doing this I go over everything I did in school today. This especially helps me study for my tests. Sometimes if I need to ill take a quick look at my notes for 3-5 min. then start the running and see how much I remember. Mom says I’m crazy but if it works for me it works and I’m not gonna stop yet. Maybe when the weather gets nicer ill start running outside or even ride my bike. But thanks for the new ideas. Helped a lot.

  157. Eng Rebeen86 says:

    thanks..agree with all comments

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  159. Genius says:

    I always plan time tables which helps me a lot, time tables doesn’t mean only time for reading. There are two time tables the idealized and practical one. A practical one is real which has all sorts of things like relaxing, learning, playing and etc… whereas an idealized time table only has learning time and which is almost not possible.
    For ex:- If u r free from 10 to 12’o clock u must have all learning process, playing and etc..this is a practical time table whereas an idealized would have 10 to 11 reading 11 to 11:05 relaxation then 11:05 to 12 learning this would nice to see and plan but would not work regularly.

  160. crazy guy says:

    Yaa i like it

  161. brainy says:

    you r awesome

  162. Pinky says:

    You are really giving nice ideas

  163. maddy says:

    I dont believe and is it good

  164. kurosaki says:

    or maybe serious ….. in life, in everything you like to do

  165. Kaelyn says:

    Thank you very much and I will try all of those:)

  166. Engineer says:

    for , me i have the same thinking , but i’m used to read books on my laptop , i store a million of books in it , and for me returning to the material book seems really impossible

  167. K LEB says:

    for starters I like to play with younger children who are not yet well that informed with speech or those that are speech disoriented. This helps me to train my brain as they say words that are not well understood by us and I try to relate what they are saying to the words that we normally use in our everyday language.

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  169. muhummad idrees says:

    i agree with you

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