You Are the CEO of Your Own Life

Truly acknowledge that you are the CEO of your own life and a better life immediately becomes imminent.

Whether we are entrepreneurial spirited individuals, currently employed and even unemployed, we must operate with the proverbial “The Buck Stops Here” sign on our desks. Everybody wants things from and for their lives. Various forms of abundance, financial wealth, building a great house, starting a successful business or charitable foundation, creating a family are a few of many possibilities. Effective CEOs take the time to identify what they truly want.

Just as in business, determined CEOs in life have very detailed visions of what they desire to occur. They plan and document(in writing) their visions, access them frequently (numerous times daily) and possess an unwavering, 100{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} genuine belief that all things desired will be brought into being within a determined timeframe. It’s a very specific destination that’s created and good CEOs take any and all necessary actions along the way. Excellent CEOs make vision attainment appear to be almost effortless ventures. This is because the decision has been made that their life and causes are so important to them and their families that effort represents a very minor price to pay. For top CEOs, it’s a relaxed, enjoyable and fun trip with thoughts and eyes always on their targets. It’s a constant Be, Do, Have journey.

As your own CEO, it’s important to recognize that you possess four main resources which exist solely to help you achieve desired results in your life. These four resources are your employees. Their names are:

  • Time
  • Focus
  • Energy
  • Money

Your employees work only for you. They can only quit if you allow them to and can’t request a transfer to another company. Monitor their performances and ensure they’re good, solid employees who all show up for work every day. How they collectively perform on a daily basis will determine your overall results and when you can expect your great success to arrive. These employees are literally your workforce. They should not be taking any sick days and vacations are to be authorized only at your, the CEO, level.

Your employees each have specific, but very unique specialties which enable your path…….


By definition, time is a nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. The past is gone, the present is here but the future is still for us to define. Time, of course, will be present for us but doesn’t benefit the future unless it’s utilized in a constructive way. Does your employee time work well for you or does it show up every day but never seem to yield progress to desired results?


Employee #2 is focus. Is your focus vivid or blurry? Worse yet, is your focus missing in action? Have you created, documented and shared the “master plan” (vision) with focus? Do you meet regularly with focus? Does focus truly understand that it’s a vital part of the team? Focus should be a 24/7 employee and never allowed to punch out or leave the premises.


Is energy always being expended and managed in a direction that coincides with the CEOs (your) desired end vision? Energy should know what it’s supposed to be doing at all times. Focus must work very closely with energy as they are reliant on each other. A sailboat without a rudder (focus) and wind (energy) is highly unlikely to ever reach a desired destination.


Always keep a very close eye on your employee #4- money. Successful CEOs have a strong, positive relationship with and respect for money. Always be verifying and measuring how money is doing for you. Money won’t typically complain about being mistreated but positive management and utilization will illustrate itself in many various ways. Always be good to money and money will be good to you.

CEOs are busy and shouldn’t need to spend overt amounts of time micromanaging their four employees. For assistance regarding this, the best CEOs incorporate affirmations into their mornings, days and evenings. For the CEO that desires financial abundance, a simple affirmation example is to repeat the words “Wealth”, “Success”….. “Wealth”, “Success”….. “Wealth”, “Success”…….over and over again in a slow, deliberate manner for five minutes, three times or more per day, every day; also just prior to going to sleep and immediately after waking up each morning. You will immediately notice that your four employees begin showing up early, staying late and even be working when you’re out of the office. They will come to love their jobs and you will always be proud of them for what they help you accomplish.

**The “Wealth”, “Success” affirmation is from the publication, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.” – Dr. Joseph Murphy, PH.D, D.D.  If you’ve ever really desired to know why we think, believe and act as we do, why we keep repeating behavior (habits), this book is for you. Available at


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