Day 12: You Are Not Alone! How Joining a Community Can Improve Your Life

Would you like to live a more vibrant life full of confidence?

Your life can get better, both physically and emotionally. And best of all, it’s easier to get there than you probably think!

Stand up and volunteer. Right now you have countless opportunities to give your time and talents to others. Volunteering will give you a chance to change lives whether you are tutoring, contributing to a local charity or assisting the homeless.

People who volunteer feel happier, have a sense of purpose, and experience the rich rewards that come with giving time. Being generous with your time and effort can lead to improved physical and mental health for yourself and others.

Here Are 7 (Simple) Ways To Volunteer And Give To Your Community:

1.  Link Up With Local Community Outreach. There are many ways to reach people in need. Remember, it’s YOUR community. Working at a food bank, serving a holiday dinner at a homeless shelter, distributing toys to children, helping at churches or other places of worship, are all ways you can help make life happier for others around you.

2.  Mentor Our Youth. Volunteering in after school programs, Special Olympics, tutoring children in reading, or participating in homework help at your local library are all activities that will lead to an uplifting, empowering feeling. Many households have two working parents, and there are a ton of children in need of academic and emotional support during the after school time block. Reaching out to our youth is a powerful way to make a difference for their future as well as your own.

3.  Play With Pets. Most animal shelters or animal protection organizations depend on donations and volunteers to keep their animals exercised, fed and healthy. Whether you’re walking the dogs or stuffing envelopes for an educational mailing, you can make a difference for homeless animals. Actions speak louder than words. Giving your time to an animal shelter will send a message of responsibility and offer you comrades to comfort.

4. Connecting With Habitat for Humanity. There are many ways you can have a dramatic impact on your community. Habitat for Humanity is an advocacy group, helping to support people with housing issues. Educate yourself and take social action by helping communities plan and build new homes for families in need.

5.  Save the Earth. Joining a conservation group or helping with a local beach or park

cleanup day is a great way to be outdoors, exercise and help the environment.

6.  Helping Others is Healthy. Volunteering to help others is healthy for you, too. There is a direct connection between a healthy lifestyle and volunteerism. People who volunteer tend to have lower rates of depression, higher functional ability, and greater longevity.

7.  Caring For The Elderly, Elderly people need support, stimulation and inspiration. Human interaction is an essential ingredient to feeling vibrant and alive. Helping elderly people with crafts, gardening, preparing meals, while organizing cultural activities and games can promote companionship and improve their physical well being.

Volunteering is a great way to expand your mind and skill sets, while affording you an opportunity to work with a team to set goals. Discovering what you enjoy most and the talents you already possess will give you confidence, purpose, and a sense of reward.

You have the power to change things for the better. Volunteer today. You’ll improve the life of others and take your own along for the ride.


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Cindy Platt is a parenting specialist who writes at Your Life’s Blueprint. Follow her on Twitter.


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