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Flip Your Script- How to Write a Better Life Story

Flip Your Script- How to Write a Better Life Story

Whether we recognize it or not, our lives are driven by a story; it follows a script that we have either written for ourselves or we have had written for us by others. What does that script look like for yourself? You may be the villain, the victim, the side-kick, or worse, just an scene extra- lost in the crowd. That needs to stop. You are the protagonist. You were meant to play the leading role. If you are not the hero in your own life story, than that needs to change.

Words are incredibly powerful. There are many of us who grew up being told that we were dumb, stupid, and would never succeed. Others were never told that they were loved, that their lives meant something. Never told that they were gifted and had a incredible purpose to fulfill in this life. These words, or lack of words, have left deep wounds in many of us. They have unfortunately formed for us a life story that we have been bound to. The incredible thing about the human spirit and the human mind lies in its ability to transform and transcend adversity- whether physical, emotional, or psychological. Not only are we able to transcend and overcome our past, we have the ability to write our future. Indeed, it was the great Abraham Lincoln who makes the profound statement, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Every great invention began in the mind before it became manifested physically. So too our new life story must begin in the mind. You must delete the script that has up to this point detrimentally directed your life and write yourself a new script; a new story. The wise Buddha beautifully explains that, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” Make today the day that you decide to write yourself the incredible story that you were created to live!

Answering these 5 questions will help get you started:

1. If money was no barrier, what would you you spend your vacation time doing? -Incorporate this passion into the new you.

2. If you were guaranteed to succeed, what career path would you pursue? -Build a living around doing what you love and you will never ‘work’ a single day in your life.

3. What are some things that you cannot go through a single day without doing? – Do not neglect the little things in your story, like a coffee in the morning as you watch the sun rise.

4. What do you often get complimented on? -Build on your strengths.

5. What is something that causes you to mourn over? Poverty? Injustice? Environmental issues? – This is what will drive you.

As you get started writing out your new life story, here are 5 crucial keys:

1. Think of some of the obstacles you may face on your journey to becoming this new you, it may be friends and family that discourage you from stepping out, it may be financial fears, it may be the fear of judgement, it may be personal doubts. Now you MUST write a script that sees you overcoming these obstacles. Write yourself as the victor over any, and all things that may stand in your way.

2. Believe it wholeheartedly in your mind. Have absolute confidence that what you have written out will come to pass. You will be blown away at how things will fall into place.

3. Reach out to people in the specific field that may help you on your journey, it is incredible how willing people are to help you. Fear will hold you back, but your courage and faith will push you forward. Break down and push through your comfort zone.

4. Share your new story with friends and the people most dear to you. Make sure they are people that you know will build you up and not tear you down. Create accountability and a support system. This will be a game changer for times when you are down and may go through rough patches.

5. Put a date on it. Set yourself specific time frames for when you will start to see these incredible changes. Break up your story into chapters, celebrate every victory and every stage of the journey.

Write down today’s date as you think through all these questions and begin to create an incredible script for your life. Say to yourself, today is the day I start living as the amazing, incredible person that God has created me to be!

Thai Nguyen has been a successful Chef in Brisbane and Texas; An elite Athlete that has competed Internationally in Thailand, Canada, Singapore, Fiji, and Australia in Muay Thai, Boxing, and Rugby. He now uses his unique life experiences to inspire others to live their dreams. Be sure to check out his site for some great content to start putting your dreams into reality!


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