World Top 5 Wellness Retreat destinations for Body and Mind

Wake up and enjoy a rich and healthy breakfast in bed. Open the window and the view is amazing. You aware with aesthetic treatments and several hours of massage to free yourself from the stress and tension. In addition, spend time meditating in a splendid Buddhist temple. Get a result to clear mind to continue with your daily life full of positive energy.

No, it is not just a dream, to find moments of peace and relaxation may seem a challenge for many because the hours demanded by the traffic, the workload and daily obligations fill our schedules of commitments. It is for this reason that make a stop on the way and find a space to recover is very relevant.

The trips do not have to be always a space to explore and fill your agenda of 10.000 other things to do. Can be an oasis to take you to live the best experience of relaxation and reinvention

There is a wide range in the world, which includes spa hotels, meditation centers and hotels all inclusive, among many other spaces that offer services related to the health and well-being. How do you find the most convenient option for you?

1. Aruba

The Caribbean Sea is home to many more hidden treasures of what do you think you know. All of them surrounded by white beaches that contrast with the turquoise blue sea. One of these gems, no doubt, is Aruba.

This small island, located a few kilometers from the northern coast of Venezuela, has a privileged location that makes hurricanes or tropical storms, which could interrupt your well-deserved vacation, are a very strange thing. In other words, it is an island where the summer is parked the 365 days of the year, not for nothing called “the happy island”.

In addition to the white beaches and the thousands of outdoor activities, Aruba also has sought in recent years to become a destination of relaxation, renewal and well-being.

2. Santorini (Greece)

More than twenty hours of flights will be rewarded when you’ve landed at the national airport of Santorini (Thira) and enjoy the breeze and the beautiful shades of blue of the sea of Santorini. Secure your energy will change from the first minute in Greece.

The climate is pleasant on the island and the temperatures vary with a daily average of 29ºC in summer and 12ºC during the winter. The quiet atmosphere retains its tradition and authenticity and offers a great variety of walks to tourists who are looking for an opportunity to recharge the batteries.

Your stay in the country, we recommend you to visit Oia, the most typical village of Santorini, to disconnect the day-to-day and fall for their houses dug into the rock, painted in white and blue, your choices of spas and wellness centers.

One of the alternatives that your days of rest are repairers is to enjoy the massages, beauty treatments and other relaxing experiences offered by Caldera Massages Studio & Spa. You can Share unique moments with your partner and reserve your date from your web page.

In Fish Spa Kangal Santorini – Wellness Center you will find massage, beauty treatments and something unusual that you’ll love: foot therapy, a treatment for feet made by the tiny fish Garra Rufa. Don’t worry! These fish have no teeth and transform your previous experiences of pedicure. If you practice meditation, you need to be aware of the Mirador of Oia and contemplate the horizon in a splendid sunset.

Be inspired by contemplating the beauties of Santorini, the sunset and all the fascination that this Greek island memorable you can provide. Now is the time to recreate your routine in the best possible way.

3. San Jose del Cabo (Costa Rica)

Costa Rica has a diverse climate and the average annual temperature is between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius. Between the months of March and may record the temperatures of the year. The country has positioned itself as one of the main destinations wellness to offer unique experiences and a natural supply differentiated to tourists, which includes options for meditation, treatments with thermal waters and medicinal massage.

The Springs Resort & Spa is a luxury hotel located on the Arenal Valley, to the north of the volcano of the same name, which boasts a spectacular that surprises. With swimming pools and lagoons with different temperatures, visitors can relax in its natural hot springs, they also have healing powers. The days of rest will be complete if you take advantage of the massage and spa treatments, which use tropical botanical ingredients indigenous to the field and therapeutic volcanic clays harvested on the property near the hot springs.

Another perfect place to complement your wellness is the Casa Zen, founded in 1974 and located in Santo Domingo de Heredia, with a warm and peaceful, is one of the leading sites in this country, dedicated to the study and practice of Zen Buddhism.

To take advantage of all that Costa Rica offers and close with your experience and balance the body and mind, the Coffee Honey offers healthy dishes with a lot of creativity and innovation.

4. Cozumel (Mexico)

If your plan doesn’t include spending so many hours on plane in Cozumel, you are sure to find the perfect destination to enjoy quality time and moments of relaxation. The Paraiso is in Mexico and the island is one of the most popular stops of cruise ships that pass through the Caribbean.

We recommend a few days of rest in the Coral Princess Golf & Dive Resort, where you will find therapies, massages, reflexology, aromatherapy and various products for skin care. Guests also have at their disposal the Cozumel Country Club, an 18-hole, par 72, to concentrate on the golf and forget about the day-to-day problems.

With their houses full of colors and craft shops with a lot of beautiful, San Miguel de Cozumel is a small town that you should include in your list of walks. To enter into the culture of the region, you will find in the San Gervasio Archaeological Site, the sanctuary of Ixchel, the goddess of fertility and love. Take a few moments to spirituality, will result in an opportunity for meditation and to create a new vision of the immensity of the universe and of our ancestral cultures.

5. New Delhi (India)

Our recommendations could not close in another way: India is the destination wellness par excellence. India is a blend of tradition, spirituality and beauty. We recommend you start your tour in New Delhi and take advantage of the country to take care of your health in a comprehensive way, devote time to spiritual practices and enjoy this unique cultural experience.

Ayurvedic therapies, rituals and exclusive massages are offered by the spa of the resort The Lodhi garden. You can experience the vibrant culture of India, rest and stay with exclusive luxury amenities.

The temple Gurdwara Bangla Sahib is the main Sikh Temple in the city of Delhi and it will be an unforgettable experience for your luxury trip in India. It is not necessary to follow the beliefs of Hinduism or Islam to surprise you with the magnitude of its structure and its importance in the culture of the country.

We recommend you to spend a few days of your next India trip to enjoy the Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga & Meditation. The proposal is to find you practising yoga, meditation and workshops aimed at the mindfulness and spiritual healing. With these activities, we assure you that you’ll start a new time in your life, with awareness, relaxation and well-being.

Now that you have a few options to choose from, you can start to prepare the suitcases for this trip renovator you both deserve.


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