If The World Ended Tomorrow, What Would You Do Tonight?

The world is gone.

Everything you’ve ever known has disappeared.

Time is now an echo, with few to record it and fewer to care.

Could this ever really happen?

Millions of people, from the Discovery Channel to big-time Hollywood directors, to you and me, have been asking this question forever.

Of course it could. The planet was here for 4 1/2 billion years before us. It’s a question of when, not if.

Maybe that’s why I’ve thought about it my entire life. Or maybe it’s because I started reading Stephen King, specifically The Stand, WAY too early in life. Either way, the idea that everything could end tomorrow intersects with another thought I’ve always held close.

Every minute matters.

I spend my life trying not to waste them. I miss dinner with my family a few days a year, turn down lucrative work when it interferes with my immediate goals, and record the highlights of my days with the permanence of my ink.

I never knew how important time was to me until I started writing. Now I think about it every day. How it fades, shines, and eventually, completely disappears. And how even though I hate it so much for promising to one day take everything from me, I will never, ever intentionally kill it.

Would the nature of time change if there was no world to wrap around it?

Those questions, along with a million others and a fierce love of serialized TV, drove me to write Yesterday’s Gone, the awesome-all-over-the-place post-apocalyptic serial co-authored by David Wright.

Passing time and pending death – the characters in Yesterday’s Gone are the few final survivors of a world that expired in a second, who must confront the brutal reality of meaningless time and lifetime regrets.

And it all happens in a blink.

What if the world was gone, everything you’ve ever known suddenly disappeared, and time was an echo, with few to record it and fewer to care.

Would you be happy with how you spent the last year?

The last week?


If the world ended tomorrow, what would you do tonight?

Check out this trailer:

Click on the link to buy the Yesterday’s Gone pilot. It’s the best $.99 you could possibly spend, but if you want to get the full “season” now, $4.99 will put a smile on your face for a week.

Fair warning: if you don’t like serials like LOST and writers like Stephen King, you probably won’t like reading Yesterday’s Gone. But if you like stuff that starts out awesome, and then is awesome on every page until the WTF? cliffhanger ending, then you’ll totally dig Yesterday’s Gone.

Especially how it leaves you pondering your place in this world.

Click here to become a “goner,” and get exclusive chapters with shocking endings, along with a ringside seat to all the behind the scenes stuff Dave and I are doing at the Inkwell (perfect for readers AND writers!)sean

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