Why You Must Discover Your Purpose

There was a guy who was building a pond in his back yard.  In the pond he was placing Japanese Koi fish.  He placed two of the Koi fish on the ground next to the pond; then he looked at them for a moment.  He thought, what dumb creatures, can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t fly, but when he put the fish in the water… swoosh …swoosh …swoosh …they began to swim exquisitely.

What’s the point…when you are where you are supposed to be… no one can compete with you…

You and I are like those Koi fish, we may not be good at everything, but there’s something that we can do better than anyone else.  That something is our unique purpose; we must discover that purpose, so that we can succeed.

What’s Your Difference?

I don’t go to the Ritz Carlton Hotel because it reminds me of the Hilton Hotel, I didn’t marry my wife because she reminded me of my last girlfriend, she’s not my last girlfriend.  There’s something unique about her that separates her from the rest.

Your difference is what makes you priceless.  You must discover this difference, because it’s requisite for your success.

You Must Fulfill Your Destiny

In the movie the Lion King when Simba the male lion forgot who he was, everyone who depended on him began to struggle.

Eventually Simba received a vision, in which he was told, “You are more than what you have become.” Upon receiving this vision he realized that he was not being the leader that he was born to be; he then went on to fulfill his destiny.

There are people who are waiting for you to wake-up and discover who you really are. Someone is waiting for you to solve their problem.

Everything Created Solves a Problem

A hammer solves a problem, but if that hammer went around doing the job of a screwdriver, it wouldn’t be very productive.  Why? It was created to solve another problem.  Are you solving the right problems?  Are you solving the problems you were created to solve?

You belong somewhere; there’s something that you can do better than anyone else. There is a problem that you were created to solve, a problem that you will love solving.

Just like those Koi fish, there’s a place where you can swim freely.

Get into Action

You need to get into action; your purpose won’t just be realized…you can be a hammer sitting in a box never to be used!

Even if you’re not certain what your purpose is, begin to move in the direction of activities that you enjoy, eventually you will get clarity on your true purpose, if you stay in action.


You must be able to say what your purpose is, in a word or two, this degree of focus allows other people to know your difference, so that they can extract this difference from you.

If you don’t know what your purpose is, then no one else will know either, and no one will be able to extract your gift and benefit from it; this would be a tragedy.

Don’t Die With Your Music Still Inside of You

In conclusion, dedicate your life to discovering your purpose and fulfilling it.  There’s a quote that goes, “everyone is born an original, but most die copies,” don’t let this happen to you!

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