What Happens When the Sad Clown Finds a Mirror?

There is a common phrase amongst people with a relatively pessimistic or self-destructive outlook. You’ll have probably heard it several times in your life, if not perhaps even said it yourself. Well if we understand that all experience is subject to the many facets and mechanistic intricacies of our personality reflected back to us, then you can see why you might be reading this for a reason.

Have you ever noticed people uttering this particular combination of words?

‘I’m not being pessimistic, I am just a realist.’

Therein is found a very revealing choice of words. Before I explain exactly what I mean, take a moment to ponder the many intricacies of the personality as I mentioned above in the following way. Ask yourself, what happens when you support a new teacher, a new potential leader of your nation for example and you find out he is a con-man? It’s a little embarrassing to you, a little harmful to the ego to feel you were ‘duped’ or ‘tricked’ into believing things that turned out to be just what you consider to be manipulation, but you move on and live life without losing too much self-esteem. Now what about if you had voted? What if you had picketed, protested, placed little stickers on all your windows showing your support, what if you had preached and delivered speeches and brought others into the magic of this man’s new vision of society. What if you had given all you are to the cause, and THEN you discover he is a fraud?

Think about that, and answer this:

Have you ever heard something which conflicts with your views, until you then realized that through exploration and introspection that you CAN fit it into your views in a way that is complementary to them? Have you ever chosen to assimilate information into your world view, rather than accepting the view that the new information nullifies your old one? The answer, for everybody, is yes. You can choose to see the mechanism of this any way you wish (any-which-way that fits your world view that is). You could choose to view it as though we are scared little rabbits who need to define everything in terms of our ego to protect ourselves, or you could view it as just another expression of universal fractal infinity and that all things have connection to each other, all is one and thus all should represent one in many ways, you just have to look. Whichever way you prefer for this particular moment in time, chose it and see how it relates, because you will see it reflected back to you, you will confirm it, you will see evidence, you will relate it to what you already know, you will filter it through the cogs and winds of who you are until it comes out at the bottom dented, molded and shaped by those things into something you could use as a metaphysical passport; it represents you.

Realizing this we can see how

A) All experiences can be defined within the context of our world view to the point where all things can be confirmation of it. This is how a person can live their life believing something you deem to be proven false by undeniable evidence.

B) All reactions are representational of the whole personality; it is fractal. Everything a person says and does on some level, if understood, tells you everything about them through the intention and the intrinsic mechanism of the behavior.

This is the law of attraction, and it relates to many philosophical questions over the generations. Philosophical questions like: What is it? What is? What is real? The only thing which covers all of the questions of ‘it’ ‘is’ and ‘real’ is experience, because it is real. The only thing that is real is the experience, everything else is the reflection.

Now with this in mind; that all experiences confirm the world view (even if the experience is to be able to change world view by new information, your world view is that which supports easy transition into change) and that all behavior is representation of the whole persona, read the statement again.

‘I am not being pessimistic, I am just a realist.’

He is JUST a realist. As if to say, that in the world view of this person anything spectacular, anything unusual, anything grand is unrealistic and that what is real proves time and time again to be mundane, something about which to not get your hopes up. As if reality is not spectacular or magnificent. As if this statement itself is not subject TO reality, and thus not realistic in its own definition.  As if to say that we are not in reality in a world full of all these different points of view, facets of creation. That is the point! Reality is the experience of all possibilities. You only limit them through your definitions. Saying you are JUST anything is representational of your self-concept let alone if the next words are a statement of your incarceration in a tiny dark room where the only window looking outside shows a children’s play-ground full of little kids having fun who just don’t know what is real.

This person is viewing the world in terms of externalities and the limits they impose. He doesn’t get overly emotional, or jump to conclusions, he doesn’t want to kill himself, and he doesn’t want to jump for joy; thus that middle ground must be sane, real, right. All things to him are that way too, just there, just real, and subject to the forces, spinning around waiting for collisions and obliteration. He believes that anyone who says anything otherwise is just a sensationalized idiot, and everything can be explained in those simple terms. Another favorite of his is ‘I might get hit by a bus tomorrow, so it doesn’t matter if I smoke or drink.’ And despite all his logical realism he still, when he’s angry, appears to believe in ‘luck’ because as if by magic he seems to be the only one he knows who can’t get through a day without stubbing his toe on a door frame, hitting his head on a car roof, stepping on a cats tail, spilling piping hot coffee all down his favorite t-shirt which reads the catch phrase ‘Shit happens.’ His world view makes him a victim, he feels sorry for himself, when he looks in the mirror he sees the sad clown, so it’s no wonder his life seems like a slap-stick comedy, he’s the sensible realistic one in the three stooges. If you show the universal mirror a victim what do you think will be reflected back to you? A victim!

With this belief in mind you can see how you have attracted the experience of reading this article. You have attracted it as a reflection of who you are, and you will absorb it in those terms. Whatever you take from this is confirming your world view, and your self-image. If you’ve heard of this principle before but dismissed it as crap because of the blatant profit-oriented campaign of ‘The Secret’ then this article will confirm your world view in perhaps the way that it gives you further reason to believe it is just that, or perhaps it will confirm to you that you did in fact want to find other perspectives and other resources before you make a decision on what to think of this concept, this too is a confirmation of that. Whatever your view, understand the power of this idea, that both neuro-psychologically, and metaphysically the principle that we shall be consistent with who we are is present in our daily thoughts. With this idea in mind, go further; realize that by understanding the cycle of reflection and confirmation of reflection, that all the experiences in your life you are responsible for. Whatever happens to you, whenever they happen and how ever they happen is a direct reflection of all the things that you are and define yourself as. You create your experience, regardless of the externalities. The concept of a limit is subject to existence, of which we know to be infinite.  Don’t learn your power, remember it, if you have to learn it then it’s something you just attained which isn’t true. There was a time before you learned you were worthless, remember your power and if it so suits you, act upon it. Realize that your life is truly defined by you and not the confines within which you exist. Is the brain limited to the confines of the skull? Don’t get caught up in seeing yourself as a victim, don’t blame the outside world for your circumstances, and don’t let your opinion of reality convince you that infinity does not exist within finite boundaries, you are infinitely divisible.

In closing I have two quotes which coincide beautifully.

Sun Tzu told us that the battle is won before it is engaged. This means that in any interaction, in that moment and in the context of its circumstances, each element of that interaction has an intrinsic state of being which will produce an undeniable particular result, due to, and subject to the intrinsic state of being of the elements involved. Throw two stones together and one comes off with more damage because in that moment, and through those circumstances it had to be that way as defined by the constitution and the make-up of those stones. A tooth-and-nail brawl is only a ‘close’ contest because that is how we attribute and interpret the events, yet the winner wins because of the intrinsic nature and constitution of the fighters and the circumstances in which the event takes place. It had to occur that way, because the circumstances were that way going in, because the act of ‘going in’ was merely a part of the greater event. All is part of the greater event and thus it can only be the way it will be.

Gandhi told us we must be the change we want to see in the world. What this means is that, even if you change your thinking and behavior and then your life does not seem to change, your reflection seems to be the same. Do not falter, because if you do, then you are still seeing the reflection of a person whose life is subject to externalities. You are still missing the point. Be strong and care not about the results and the universe will bend to you, there is always one side which will bend the other in this way. Commit to BE the change, the immovable object and the battle is won before it is engaged.

Ross is an entrepreneur in service to his ideas. He writes about inspiration, self empowerment, marketing, metaphysics and quantum physics – and how it all relates holistically.

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