So You Want To Change The World?

So you want to change the world, right? Do you want to be a hero? A legend?

I work with a lot of talented and driven individuals. A common theme for the younger generations is the notion of wanting to change or save the world. It is a beautiful intention, one that we should consider in our own life's purpose.

Many of us are driven to be a hero and be someone who makes a significant difference in a world of 6.8 billion. But how can one person, one single entity create such change in a world so big?! Very easily...

The Game

An exercise I created portrays this simple feat. First, go to a populated venue that fosters the opportunity for connection. This exercise is best in places such as museums, art galleries, malls, and shopping centers; however with some creativity this can be done anywhere.

When you're there, simply smile at every single person possible (but don't be annoying!). Walk around the location functioning as you normally would for whatever setting is chosen. However make the time to connect with anyone and everyone you can. A simple nod and smile can be enough.

Become more aware of your energy. What are you carrying? What are you sharing with their environment?

Eye contact and a genuine love for others can create an energy that is uncommon in these times. Try it. I walk along the beach with my dog, and most people seemingly avoid connecting with others. It's actually quite hilarious watching people go out of their ways to avoid a personal connection. In grocery stores or post offices, most seem to mind their own business. However there are some who are always trying to find a connection with their environment. Find them. 🙂

But as soon as you say hello or smile at someone with connected eyes, people seem to brighten and become more engaged.

After this exercise, ask yourself how you feel/felt. How did smiling and saying hello to others change your own energy and emotions? How did it affect their environment and the energy of others? Were you able to change others? What were their reactions?

The Prize

Some report a certain amount of silliness and awkwardness. Of course, this is a very silly and fun exercise. But it comes with a simple wisdom and truth. If this exercise was done correctly, there was at least one stranger that benefited from this. Your smile and search for connection beckoned someone else to smile as well.

For one moment you were able to bring a small bit of joy into the stranger's day. Imagine this. If one stranger was able to smile, perhaps that person will go on in the day to make someone else smile. This progression has the possibility of reaching countless others... a concept very similar to doing one good deed that puts into motion many more good deeds as we spread love in our environments.

Reality's Game

Truth of the matter is... you have already changed the world. You do so by just existing. Every choice you make creates some sort of change. The question is... do you change the world for better or for worse?

Come to peace with the fact that perhaps changing the world may simply be extending a loving gesture to a stranger. And that stranger is the one who ends up creating amazing epic change in the world. Maybe your next client will become an author who shares enlightened knowledge. Or the next new friend will be a great leader of mankind. If you are able to love unconditionally and share your gifts, you will have made a difference. And in the end, you will have played my role in saving/changing the world.

Changing the world does not need to be an epic adventure of heroic feats. It can simply be raising your child with love and wisdom. It may be lending a helping hand to someone that has fallen, or perhaps providing others with some emotional or financial support.

Every time you curse the driver next to you, you have created a change in that person's day. Every time you hold open a door or help carry a heavy box, you have also created change.

Creating change in the world is that simple. But the mindfulness to know how you change your environment is the tricky part. So first ask yourself what kind of change are you driven for?

If you want to change the world for the better, consider these points.

  • Be Mindful of Your IntentionsWhy are you doing what are you doing? What drives you? Keep your intentions pure. Don't do things expecting a reward or compensation. If you expect some sort of reward, you would taint your unadulterated nature.
  • Be Aware of Your Own EnergyKnow yourself. Become aware of your emotions and how your spirit affects those around. In what ways do people react in your presence? How are you perceived in your world? How do you create your own demons, insecurities and fears in your life? Are you your best friend and worst enemy? This knowledge will assist you in personal evolution.
  • Know How Other's Energy Affects YouWhen you are aware of your energy, you will be able to differ your energy from the energy of others. Once you master this, you can easily see how the littlest of actions can create big change. These subtle exchanges of energy create physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences. Most of the time, we are not aware of these exchanges. When we are aware, we can allow only positive exchanges rather than ones that drain us. You will embrace your fears, and will not own the fears of others.
  • Humble YourselfMaybe you are meant for epic change. Maybe you are not. But remove your ego from this journey. It will not serve you. Humble yourself so that you can clear your energy and intentions. There is no room for bravado and cockiness. Be at peace knowing that changing the world is and can be a simple daily act. You are the Whale, but yet also the Ant.
  • DreamThough change can be simple, allow yourself to dream and create, and remember your dreams. Look at your tools and allies. What can you do that most have difficult doing? What are you good at? What tools do you have in your arsenal that can create a better life for someone else?

You may have money that you can donate to worthwhile causes. You may be a great wood worker that can build houses for others. Your gift may be of words or song that needs to be heard. Create visual images and film that prompt consciousness. Collaborate and think big.

We all have to play our parts. So let's go be heroes.

How do you change the world? How will you change the world?

Written by MonkJoe. MonkJoe holds a MA in Psyc and is the Soul behind MonkMe, a socio-educational wellness community dedicated to personal, social, and environmental health topics. Join now or follow him on Twitter or Facebook for daily mojo and challenges. For every new member, MonkJoe will donate $1 to his 1st Charity Cause. So Get Monk'd!

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