Visualization vs. Visioning: What’s the Difference?

Both visualization and visioning involves the use of active imagination while you relax.   When you visualize, there could be many scenarios that you play in your mental studio.  One such scenario is a projection into a time in the future.  And so, visualization and visioning are often assumed to mean the same thing, as the latter involves picturing an ideal picture of your future self.

In the beginning, I did not realize that there could be a difference between visualization and visioning.  I had thought them to be the same.  Thus, I had used the terms interchangeably.  It was only when I started learning more about what visioning is and entails that made me become aware of the difference.

Knowing what the difference is offers benefits.  You are able to reach a higher level of understanding about yourself and thus, elevate your success.  You begin to realize that there is much more to just sitting down and imagining an ideal picture.

What is Visualization

Visualization is a singular process.  You allocate a couple of minutes to visualize.  By letting go of your tension and stress, you first reach the alpha state of relaxation.

Then, in your mental mind, you invoke your imagination to visualize a desired state of outcome in the future.  Alternatively, you could be visualizing meeting your spirit guide, healing your chakra centers, cleansing your negative energy, connecting with your inner wisdom for answers and so on.

What is Visioning

Visioning is a life planning process that takes you into deeper self-knowledge.  And from here, you become aligned with your creativity, gifts and strengths.  You develop a heart-centered vision that will enable you to become your highest potential.


A heart-centered vision is one that is meaningful to you.  You are on your way to living a life that matters.  Included in the visioning process are visualization exercises that can help you to activate your dream.  You do this consistently until your dream manifests.

Envision From the Inside

You could be shortchanging yourself if you do not know yourself enough when you visualize your future self.  The thing is that you want to be able to design the best life possible for yourself.  You may be engaged in active imagination during the visualization process but you could be visualizing some thing that you do not really want in an ideal picture.

It usually happens when you simply adopt other people’s dreams without question.  We immediately assume that we want the same things: the red sports car, the bungalow with the swimming pool, a gorgeous romantic partner, success and recognition and so on.  We believe that we will be happy with these.  And so without spending some quiet time to gain deeper inner awareness, we could be mistaken into visualizing a dream that does not truly resonate from within.

When there is no complete resonance, you can find it difficult to manifest the ideal picture in your mind.  This is because you are sending conflicting signals to the Universe.  The Universe is not able to act when you are not clear on your desire.  You are not able to keep your focus.

Hence, it is important to align with what is in your heart.  Visioning is a heart-centered inside approach because it requires you to follow your passion, doing what you love and loving what you do.  The vision of living a full life incorporates living and expressing your unique and innate self.  Holding on to this vision, you leverage on the Law of Attraction powerfully to bring it forward.


Evelyn Lim is dedicated to the vision of inspiring heart-centered living.  She helps others gain inner power through loving themselves and loving their lives.  A life coach, energy therapist, author and intuitive consultant, she assists her clients with shifting into higher vibrational states internally for a more positive outer experience of abundance. 

Evelyn Lim is the creator of The Life Vision Mastery Program, an online course that teaches on creating heart-centered visions.  Click over here to get a free Vision Board guide and a meditation audio to activate your abundance (

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