How to Use Visioning If You’re Not That Visual

What you see is what you get.  Focus on the image of the thing you most want to create in your life and it will become manifest – so we’ve been told.  But what if you’re just not that visual?  It’s estimated that around two-thirds of the population have a visual representation system – the brain’s preferred way of processing information.  But what if you’re in the minority?  What do you get when you just can’t see it?

One quick Google will give you reams of evidence of how effective visualization can be.  Elite sports people have used the trick of ‘mental rehearsal’ for decades, seeing themselves scoring the goal, hitting the hole in one, getting the last-minute, game-winning touchdown.  The Secret popularized using the law of attraction, imagining a goal achieved in vivid imagery, to manifest it into reality.  Carefully curated vision boards are championed.

Why is it so effective?  By giving your brain a clear picture, a destination if you will, of where you want to get to activates the creative part of your brain that is a solution-finder, keen to obey.  It also makes sure your brain filters the right information to keep you on the fast-track to your goal, weeding out anything irrelevant.  It also gives you the motivation and encouragement needed to keep going.

So, now we’re sold on the power of visualization, how can you apply these principles if seeing the end result isn’t coming easily?  Here are five tips:

  • Have faith: Do what you can.  While visual imagery may not be your brain’s preferred mode of operation, focus on what you can see.  Don’t load pressure on yourself to see the complete picture, just notice what does come up for you.
  • Take a dive: If you can’t see the full picture of your goal achieved, ask yourself what proof or evidence would you need to know you’ve achieved your goal.  For example, if it’s generating a certain income it might be that a bank statement would be the proof you need. Or, if you’re aiming to be a certain weight, it might be that seeing the dial on the bathroom scales is your evidence.  Dive into a specific scenario in your ideal reality and take a snapshot that you can use as your ‘vision’ rather than feeling stressed that you can’t see the bigger picture.
  • Use your senses: To follow the law of attraction principles is to act as if you’ve already achieved the goal it is you’re seeking.  Visualizing aside, use your senses to play out in your imagination what you would be feeling, what you’d hear, what you’d smell, taste, think if you were already living out your dream.  Amplify the sounds and really embrace the feelings that come up as you focus on your goal.
  • Break it down: Envisioning a big goal may feel a little unnatural for some when it seems a far cry from their current reality.  If you’re a more logical thinker you may want to break down your goal into smaller steps, while keeping the big goal in mind.  What steps would it take to get you where you want to go?  Practice focusing on, and visualizing, a smaller milestone on the path to your goal.
  • Play to your strengths: Focus on what works for you.  If you’re a natural writer, write out your goal achieved in the most creative, compelling language you can muster.  If you prefer to listen, record yourself describing your goal achieved and play it back to yourself.  Draw up a plan or leave little reminders or affirmations around your home.  Know what works for you and use it to your advantage.


Emma Gwillim is a Clarity & Confidence Coach for working mums.  She empowers women who feel like they’ve lost their identity, their direction and their motivation to get reacquainted with their inner sparkle so they can nurture their own dreams, as well as their family, and create an impact in their world.  Click here to get Emma’s free guide – Too Busy To Be YOU?  The 4-step guide for busy women to live their potential in work and play.


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