This Universal Law is Causing You to Struggle!

As human beings we have the amazing capabilities to not only succeed, but thrive! However, struggle is such a widespread pandemic because of a lesser-known Universal Law called the Entropy Law.

Meaning of Entropy: “Lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.”

Entropy is a natural force in the Universe and is often associated with the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. It is defined in Webster’s dictionary as;

“Degree of sameness or similarity: increased entropy resulting in disorganization”

I have also heard it described as; the natural tendency of a system to go its least organized state if left to its own accord! (Just looking at my daughter’s bedroom confirms this one for me!)

It is just the way of the universe; the reason we get old and weathered, and the reason we have a yesterday but not a tomorrow. What this means to me is that there is a natural law or force in the Universe that is working in opposition to our attempts at growth, discovery, creativity, evolution and self expression. It is trying to keep us “the same, homogenous, uniform, just another gazelle in the herd!”

The question is:
Will you let it stop or inhibit your growth and evolution?

Because the Universe is balanced, I contend that there is another law or force in the Universe that is working in opposition to the law of entropy at all times. I call this force or law, The Law of Growth!

The Law of Growth loosely states that as human beings we are inherently growth seeking beings!

It is a natural law like the law that dictates that geese fly south in the winter and a salmon swims upstream to spawn! When we are not seeking growth we are “shutting down” a natural force in the Universe and as a result we create all sorts of chaos, disorder and/or dis-ease in our lives in order to get us back on the growth seeking path. Sometimes we don’t perceive the chaos for the great gift of guidance that it is but it IS a built in guidance mechanism none the less!

Don’t get me wrong, this is not to say that we are not to have cycles of integration or “down time” in our lives in order to allow for rejuvenation and regeneration! Not at all, these phases of the cycle are as necessary to the human experience as air, food and water!
What I am referring to is people who have let the balance between the law of growth and the law of entropy swing too far in the direction of entropy and they are stuck, stale and in a rut! You know who you are and you are not fooling anyone (particularly yourselves!)

The purpose of this article is to help you understand these laws and how they play a role in your life. It is to help you understand that there is a very large force at work in the Universe that has assisted you in falling into the rut you are/were in and hopefully as a result of this understanding you can stop beating yourself up, accept things as they are and choose to change it!

You are the master of your own destiny, the pilot of your life and the artist behind the creation of each day. This means that you and you alone have the power to change/effect/enhance your life through your thoughts and actions!

Do not forget that the fundamental essence of our manifest Universe is energy and that you get to exchange as much or as little energy with the Universe as YOU choose! Please do not think that this means just taking action all the time for if you have studied any physiology or psychology at all you know that “thoughts are things” and that you can exchange at least as much, if not arguably more energy with the Universe through your thoughts then you ever could with your actions!

However, it is all about the balance of this energetic exchange and if you are not exchanging more energy than the baseline amount that is the “pull” of the law of entropy in your life than you are stuck/stale and will slip into a rut!

If however you CHOOSE to exchange more than the baseline amount of entropy energy than you are GROWING in your life and the Universe will tend to support an item in motion by keeping it in motion!

The key here is:
It is your choice and yours alone to power the image, shape, and manifest your destiny through this balance of energetic exchange!

My closing question to you today is:
What is your choice and how much energy do you choose to exchange to counter the Law of Entropy?

Let me know about the workings of entropy in your life so we can acknowledge this and move towards abundance!


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