Top 5 Secrets to Getting Lucky that Don’t Include a Rabbit’s Foot Key Chain

“Depend on the rabbit’s foot if you will, but remember it didn’t work for the rabbit.“ – R.E. Shay

Do you feel like some people have more “luck” than others?

I have never considered myself an overly lucky person, in the auspicious sense of the word; however, I do believe that when you are prepared, opportunity presents itself.

In order to get lucky, you have to create the circumstances for it to happen.

Be Prepared

You probably get “lucky” more often than you realize.  If you think about it, I am sure that you can recall dozens of great opportunities that presented themselves, but you weren’t prepared to seize.

Take the workplace for example.  If a co-worker holding a position you want, suddenly and unexpectedly quits, are you ready to step up to the plate?

Can you convince your boss that you’re able to fill their shoes?  Have you studied up on their duties and responsibilities?  Basically, can you demonstrate to the higher ups that you can make a seamless transition into your desired position?

If so, you just got lucky. But without the preparation, you would be left without the position, deeming yourself one of the unlucky ones.

Show Up

Woody Allen famously said that 90% of life is just showing up. Put another way, if you sit at home pining away for a chance encounter with that special someone, you will never meet him or her. You have to make up your mind to get out there and put yourself in situations that would allow your desire to be met.

This may involve going to community events, galas, and other venues where eligible singles meet.  You can’t get “lucky” and bump into your life partner if you’re not there.

Better Your Odds

Luck is all about odds, and beating the odds is really just a numbers game. To increase your odds of getting lucky, you have to throw your hat in the ring more, and cast enough lines to reel in a catch.

For example, if you’re really trying to win the Mega-Millions jackpot, play more than one set of numbers. Last month 48 people from SEPTA in South Eastern Pennsylvania won the Mega-Millions after purchasing a group of tickets.

Give yourself as many chances as possible to make a small dent in otherwise long odds.

Listen to Your Instincts

Don’t trivialize, or flat-out ignore your intuition, hunches, and gut feelings and don’t dismiss them as products of an overactive imagination.

It is those individuals who have a keen ear towards their inner voice who find that luck shines upon them quite regularly.

If you have a nagging feeling that you should take a different route to work, instead of blowing it off, follow it.  Later, you might talk about how “lucky” you were to have avoided the freeway and that 10 car pile-up you heard about on the news.

If someone you just met gives off the wrong vibe, avoid further contact with them, and later that evening you may breathe a sigh a relief when you learn he or she is a stalker.

Take Risks

Somebody wise once said, “Fortune favors the bold.”

Being bold means taking risks, opting for the road less traveled, and not being afraid to defy convention. It can also mean breaking the mold, and trying new and innovative ways to approach things.

Next time you’re out and spy a cutie you’d like to meet, ditch the pick-up lines and try this instead:  Walk right up to him or her, and introduce yourself with a smile and handshake.  Pretty bold, right?

Try being bold and risky more often, and you’ll be surprised how many “lucky” breaks you manage to get.

Luck isn’t the sole domain of four-leaf clovers, rabbit’s foot key chains, and benevolent deities smiling upon you?  It is about being prepared, being present, and bettering the odds in your favor.

So get out there, starting using these strategies, and get “lucky” today!


Lisa H. is a mother, blogger, runner and happiness seeker. Her blog, Getting to Zen inspires personal growth through action. To awaken your spirit, live fearlessly and nourish your heart, subscribe here.

In addition to blogging, Lisa is a co-author of Overcoming Fear: Sticking it to What’s Holding You Back, a unique program designed to help you get out of your own way and create the life that you want. To read more of Lisa’s articles, visit her blog.


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