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Top 10 Online Resources for Self-improvement that we shouldn’t be Ignoring

As humans, we are always trying to better ourselves and strive for success. However, without a little support, this can sometimes be difficult.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources you can tap into to keep you at the top of your game and make sure those objectives are met.

Let’s look at ten of the best.

Day One

Keeping a diary of milestones you have achieved, such as weight loss or quitting smoking, has been shown to help increase your motivation. Keeping a diary is also a great way to stay positive, as you can reflect on happy memories.

Day One is a beautiful app that can sync with your other devices and storage systems, such as Dropbox. Choose to include details, such as photos of your day or what the weather was like, to help you remember key moments in your life.

Get a mentor and learn straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Sometimes, we all need a kick in the right direction. Although we may know what we need to do to improve our lives, whether in a professional or private capacity, we may be lacking the actual motivation to actually do anything about it!

That’s where a mentor can come in useful. Horse’s Mouth is a free, online community where you can search for your own online mentor to help guide you towards your goals.

The site is packed with useful tips and motivational stories to reinvigorate your get up and go!

Ivory Research

If you’ve got a tight deadline coming up, or feel you’re unable to cope with writing pressures, an academic writing service can help lighten the load for you. Ivory Research has a strict interview process and only employs top quality graduates to help write assignments and proposals.

In busy periods, don’t let your standards slip. Give yourself the best chance of success by employing the skills of a trained professional to help with your writing needs.

Online courses

Are you interested in learning a new skill but not sure where to start? Taking an online course is a great way to get a taste for a certain career pathway or find out more about a hobby you’re interested in.

There are several online course companies to choose from, but Udemy is one of the most popular. Many of the courses offered are free and delivered via video, so you can decide when the best time to learn is.

Free Kindle books

Reading is one of the best activities you can do to expand your mind and stretch your imagination.

There are thousands of free books available on Amazon’s Kindle page that you can download in minutes. Anything from business books to self-help books, fantasy or fiction novels, is available.

Fitness on film

Why spend money on workout and fitness DVDs, when there are plenty of free video resources on YouTube? The video platform has many daily videos that you can watch at a time to suit you.

BeFit is a YouTube channel that has workout videos from fitness gurus, Jane Fonda, Jillian Michaels, Scott Herman and many more. There are several thirty day or ninety day programs available and even a BeFit GO Mobile series.

Create a Pinterest board

Feel like you’re lacking in motivation or inspiration? You can find your focus by creating a motivational board on Pinterest. There are hundreds of images paired with motivational quotes that you can pin on your virtual Pinboard.

Search for infographics that you can also pin or choose to print them off for your home.

Create boards for all areas of your life, the only limit is your imagination!

Pay it forward

When was the last time you helped out a fellow human being? Did it give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside?

The Random Acts of Kindness website has dozens of ideas to make you feel good about yourself, such as complimenting your boss, paying for the person behind’s coffee or sharing a happy playlist with a friend. What better way to improve yourself, then by making someone else’s day brighter too!

Mind Body Green

Mind Body Green is one of the top industry resources for holistic healthy living.

Articles are written by industry experts and enthusiasts, and include topics on how to deal with difficult subjects, such as rejection and bereavement, but also healthy topics, including how to change your diet to help improve certain medical conditions.

You can also sign up for the Mind Body Green newsletter or take a video course.

Day Zero Project

Setting yourself goals is great, but to really smash them, you need to make your goals public. Day Zero Project brings together the largest group of goal setters in the world. The most popular way to use the site is to create a list of 101 things to complete in 1001 days.

Whilst having a bucket list might be a good idea, Day Zero Project means you actually have to set a deadline. The fact the challenge lasts nearly three years, gives you plenty of time to reach your 101 goals.

The best way to improve your life and better your circumstances is to take responsibility and act sooner rather than later. It is always easier to make changes along the way, but in order to do that, you must start making those changes in the first place.


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