Tidy Home, Tidy Mind – How Your Surroundings Can Affect Your Mental Health

They say a tidy home equals a tidy mind, but if only it was as simple as that! Whilst a clean environment won’t necessarily solve all of your problems, it can actually have a great impact on your day-to-day outlook and mental health. Whether you’re suffering with stress, feeling overwhelmed or struggling to find motivation, your surroundings can have a dramatic effect on your mood. You may not notice this straight away and you may shrug it off as a non-issue but it is definitely something that’s worth thinking about. We all have those days, where we come home from work tired and all we want to do is collapse on the sofa or crawl into bed. After a long and stressful day the last thing you want to do is see to the pile of dishes, the stack of unopened mail or pile of internet shopping you’re still yet to open.

Waking up and having to deal with a messy house every day can severely impact your motivation, concentration and it’s simply not a great way to start your day. It’s wise to clear a little bit of time to organize the chaos, and then reap the benefits of a calm and tidy home.

Clear the Clutter

The first step to a tidy home is getting rid of the clutter, a time consuming yet worthy task. You’ll need to dedicate a weekend to sorting through all of your items – think minimalist! You don’t have to get rid of all of your worldly possessions but think about what you do and don’t use. You’ll be much happier living in a home that isn’t crammed with unnecessary objects. It will give you space to breathe and a much more organized mind. This is especially important if you ever work from home, after all how much can you really get done in a messy and uninspiring environment?

Sort through the Paperwork

Bills, bills, bills! Those annoying weekly reminders that you owe money on your credit card can soon mount up and before you know it you’ve got piles of unopened mail all over the place. Buy a cheap shredder and spend an afternoon shredding all of your documents and sending them off for recycling. You’ll feel a weight off your shoulders and hopefully you will finally be able to see extra space on your kitchen worktop! Be sure that any sensitive information is destroyed and say goodbye to the mess. Give your important documents a new, organized home so that you can easily access them, without having to trawl through 100s of unopened letters.

Give the walls a fresh lick of paint

Did you know certain colors can affect a rooms Feng shui? Create the perfect ambience with an intimate, peaceful setting using all the right shades. Opt for calming colors such as a soft neutral green, lavender and grey. Avoid harsh colors such as red, magenta and violet as these will have the opposite effect and can also make rooms appear smaller and more cramped.  Try and ensure your rooms are letting in as much natural light as possible too, as this is much more calming than fluorescent lighting. Bright open spaces are much more satisfying than dark, cluttered rooms which can leave you feeling depressed.

Add a touch of green

Did you know plants are great mood boosters? Good Feng Shui plants are the top air purifying plants, these are ones that provide clean, good quality air! Make sure you opt for an areca palm, bamboo palm, English ivy, rubber plant or lady palm for a gracious flow of energy in your home. Plants to avoid include cacti for their spiky energy! Not only will these plants provide you with zen, they’ll also add a beautiful touch to your home.

Following these simple steps, de-cluttering your life and organizing your belongings will make you feel hugely motivated. An untidy home can feel hugely overwhelming, don’t stress yourself out trying to transform it into a minimalist haven overnight, it will take time but will be so worth it in the long run. Once you declutter you will be able to think more clearly, feel more positive and enable you to enjoy a more welcoming and comfortable living area to appreciate. For expert advice regarding a tidier way of living, be sure to check out Marie Kondo’s bestselling book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up’ it will change your life forever!

Happy de-cluttering!

Matilda is a firm believer in self-development, spirituality and a tidy home! She is a freelance marketing manager for interiors boutique Homeward Bound Interiors and enjoys nothing more than travelling the world in search of inspiration in all aspects of her life!



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