THIS product has changed my nightly routine!

Over the past couple of months I have tried a couple of products that
have really impressed me. The latest of which, is Veritas Farms.
Anybody that knows me at all, knows how much I love skin products.
When I was first introduced to Veritas Farms, I was happy to try it
but not necessarily uber excited, because I assumed the use for the moisturizer and salve were really specific, instead of something I would use everyday. However, as luck (or bad luck?) would have it, I ended up pulling a muscle in my shoulder carrying a heavy bag on a long walk, and after a hot shower and a massage didn’t do anything to help, I remembered my new topicals.

I went to bed that night, nervous I wouldn’t catch a wink of sleep,
and woke up 8 hours later fully rested. I was really shocked.When the discomfort began to come back later that next afternoon, I quickly reapplied the salve. Then later that night, i used the moisturizer, more generously on both of my arms. Again, I fell into a deep sleep.

It doesn’t end there. Two obvious benefits had occurred: I was able to get full rest without aches keeping me up and when I woke up the second morning, my skin felt so soft. 

I repeated my experiment for a third night, and had the exact same results.

After having such a great, and unexpected success, I was curious to do
a little more research on the brand and was really happy with what I
found. There are so, so many CBD companies out there just throwing
their products and packaging together, trying to make a quick buck
without really caring about quality or their footprint, but Veritas
, is part of the sustainable agriculture revolution, in the
Southern Rocky Mountains, protecting the earth as they create the
purest, quality hemp products out there! More than that, on their
website they show a step-by-step process of how each product is

Now I use both the CBD Salve and moisturizer almost every night, or
during the day to help manage physical discomfort. 

I’m so thrilled with Veritas Farms all around, and confident my PTB
readers will have just as great of an experience, I am offering a $50,
$75 and $100 giveaway! Find out more at Veritas Farms, and to enter to win the giveaway simply leave a comment below or tag me on social, saying why you need this product!


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  1. That is a great testimonial to the product and was told to try something like this as well. I went in another direction and with the help of some others like myself with lived experience in anxiety, depression, and psychosis I created an mobile support tool called Moodie: Change Your Mood! I would rather do a lotion than medication any day! I would like to hear about any side effects? Even slight.

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