These Amazing Websites Will Teach You a Great New Skill (Even If You’re Busy)

Today, there’s no excuse not to be able to learn new skills.

While decades ago, we were limited to the confinements of a library or a classroom, we face no restrictions now. We can learn from the same device that we carry throughout the day, at anytime of the day, and anywhere we are.

Whether your goal is to get advice from today’s experts, learn a foreign language, or start a business, we’ve got 37 amazing (and curated) websites to learn new skills. Best of all, you can do it on your own time.


Broaden your general knowledge

edX – Watch online lectures from the world’s top Universities

Coursera – Online courses curated by top educational institutions

CreativeLIVE – Watch live online classes from premium instructors

Skillshare – Bite-sized courses focusing on real-life skills

Udemy – A platform where anyone can learn anything taught by anyone

Lynda – Be taught by industry experts online

Khan Academy – Detailed tutorials taught by Sal Khan and hand-curated instructors on mathematics, science, business, and more

Think bigger

TED – Watch presentations from the world’s most innovative thinkers and leaders

Big Think – Read and watch big ideas discussed online

The Big Know – Free online courses from the world’s top brands

Speak a foreign language

Rype – Private language lessons with handpicked professional teachers for a flat monthly subscription

Duolingo – Learn basic vocabulary and grammar skills in a gamified approach

Memrise – Memorize vocabulary and other language skills using interactive flashcards

Learn a Language Challenge – Learn the most common 1,000 words in any language in 100 days

Lang-8 – Meet, interact, and connect with fellow language learners

Become a coding guru

Codeacademy – Learn how to code by building your own projects

Treehouse – Top online courses to help you learn how to coe

Dash – Gain access to tutorials on building awesome websites

OneMonth – Learn the basics of coding in one month – Watch live streaming of professional coders

Platzi – Develop your skills through interactive and live courses

Get advice from the best

Quora – The world’s most trusted Q & A platform – Gain 1-on-1 access to professionals in business and more – Free tool to track your habits in a community

Whale – Ask interesting questions, and watch interesting answers

Wonder – Read answers to futuristic and bold questions

Start and grow your business

How to Start a Startup – A free online course on building a startup the right way by YCombinator

Startup Patterns – Bite-sized startup lessons

Digital Garage – Free digital tutorials from Google

Growth Hackers – Community and Q & A forum connecting the world’s best marketers – Forum for online marketers

/r/startups – Reddit forum where entrepreneurs share unique startup stories and journeys


Level up your brain

Spreeder – Learn how to read faster

Lumosity – A free game to develop your mental agility

Calm – Get guided meditation on-demand

The Happiness Project – Daily lessons on how to become happier


Are there any websites we may have missed? Let us know and we’ll consider adding them into our list!


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