The Small Steps You – Yes YOU – Can Take to Save the World

How can you save the world? Most people will be taken aback when they are asked such a question. They might wonder how they could possibly contribute anything capable of saving the world. What power do they have to achieve such a goal? If you are wondering such a question, all you need to realize is a very simple fact. When you take the steps to improve your own life even in small ways, you set in motion a ripple effect that just might save the world.

The way you live affects others. Through making minor changes in your own life, you can improve the lot of others. Often, there is a belief that the ability to save the world is rooted in a magical process or grand endeavor. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with taking part in a bold plan designed to help the world. However, there are other “little things” you can do in your own life which can have a great impact on the world.

One way this can be achieved is through becoming a more productive citizen. Now, productivity can be defined in many different ways and that is a good thing. The more avenues there are to being productive, the more doors are open for you to be a strong contributor to society.

Being productive can manifest in many ways. It could range from putting more effort into your work day to pursuing creative endeavors in your spare time to volunteering for charitable causes. The key here is that you are never lax or idle. Rather, you are always contributing something extra of yourself. This can certainly contribute to self-improvement in many ways since you would be living a life that is reflective of great value.

Of course, there are other smaller steps you can take that would be equally important as far as helping to save the world is concerned. Among those smaller steps would be doing what is necessary to get your life in order. For some, this may require quite a bit of effort but the effort will certainly be worth it when you experience a complete turnaround in your life.

If you are a disorganized person that is living a directionless life, you have to take the steps to make changes. Are you someone constantly dealing with issues of being in debt? You have to do what is required to become financially independent. Is your social life suffering from flaws in your personality? You must make a concentrated effort to change for the better. In short, to save the world you have to start with improving yourself. Once you are able to make definitive changes for the better, you will be in a far better position to contribute to the betterment of society.

Scores of beneficial ripple effects derive from being a more productive and efficient person. For example, you will immediately become a less wasteful person which means you will use less natural resources. This means you will have a far smaller carbon footprint and will not be contributing any harm to the environment. This would be a literal step towards saving the world that should not be overlooked.

The mere fact that you are interested in taking steps to improve your life means you are not overlooking anything. Rather, you are being proactive in your goals to self-improvement which means you are taking a small but helpful steps towards being able to save the world.


Joss is a blogger who has been passionate about the deeper issues of self for many years. She recently read a review about biologist Jeremy Griffith who addresses the deeper issue of our human condition and has written an interesting article about saving the world which has certainly got her thinking about life!


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