The Key To Becoming More Courageous With Every Day Passing

Have you ever wondered how you could be more courageous?

Have you ever wondered you could have the guts to take action in difficult situations or how you could become more at ease to take action when you should?

Most people would like to be more courageous at some point or another. Whether it is to make the first move on new people, to take control of their health, to build a solid business, and so on.

Courage is needed to take action in a variety of situations. And everybody needs it, since everybody is afraid at some point or another.

What sets apart the people who go for it from the others is their relationship to courage.

People who stand still and struggle to make progress in their life usually believe that they cannot become more courageous. They believe that their lack of courage is unchangeable. They believe that there’s nothing they can do about it.

As a result, they struggle to take action.

Because it seems so difficult, they tell themselves that they’re not built for it. They tell themselves that there should be another way.

And thus, they rarely take action in such a way as to grow and become stronger.

And it’s a pity, because those people could take action much more easily and with much more confidence if they understood that courage is something they can develop.

Because here is the thing:

Courage is like a muscle.

The more you train it, the bigger and stronger it becomes.

Which means that the more you take action in stressful and frightening situations, the more courageous you’ll become, and the more easily you’ll be able to take action in such situations in the future.

And like weight lifting, training yourself to being more courageous can take time.

You don’t become so strong that you can bench-press 300lbs after only a few months of practice. It usually takes some years of training.

To achieve this performance, you should start with lighter weights, and then progressively increase the load you’re benching, by adding more weight week after week.

Training yourself to be courageous follows the same principle:

It’s totally okay if you feel that for now you can’t take action in a lot of stressful and frightening situations.

In the same way you would train the muscles of your body, you should train regularly your courage muscle by taking action in more and more stressful and frightening situations.

By getting into the habit of taking action in stressful and frightening situations you’re faced with, your courage muscle is going to grow.

It will get bigger and bigger. Stronger and stronger. Day after day.

And you’ll find yourself able to take action in some situations you would have thought impossible to cope with a few months before.

But there’s more…

All of this is backed up by science:

When you take action in the face of fear, your body actually produces more testosterone.

In other word, you get bigger balls 😉

And you can naturally take action in situations that you would have found very stressful if you had had lower testosterone levels.

So get in the habit of taking action. Especially in stressful and frightening situations. Whether it is to talk to new people, to start a conversation with this person you find attractive, to stand up for yourself in a conversation, to do an extreme sport, to do something unusual that generates a bit of stress, and so on.

It can be anything. What matters is that it makes you feel a bit of stress.

Understand that you can be more courageous if you want to. It’s your job to do it. So go for it.

Jack Vitel – founder of


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18 Responses to The Key To Becoming More Courageous With Every Day Passing

  1. +-Life. says:

    Thanks for writing this article!

    I really like the concept of building courage like muscles because I do strength training on a regular basis myself.

    Without discomfort, we simply don’t grow.

  2. Floranet says:

    Significant piece of work, Thank You!!

  3. shaik jilani says:

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  4. This is amazing, Jack! One way we can become courageous is by facing fear every day. However, it’s a reality that we have to put extra effort to face fear, as fear makes us uncomfortable.
    But, no doubt it can be trained and then miracles can be achieved.

  5. This is so true and I do agree with all the points that you have mentioned. Majority of coworkers don’t really tend to show interest to build good relationships with others. There is way too much diplomacy in the workplace where you are competing with others just to make yourself much prior to them. However, if you are competent with your competent regarding your project progress than it’s a good thing but sadly we all doing just to make look ourselves superior to others.

  6. Oh okay, sure no problem, just wanted to know your e-mail address so I can resolve my problems with your help.

  7. I like your idea.Every day should be a new day for that we should have courage to face new challenges and continuously improve Our self.

  8. Ka says:

    Thank you for the motivating factor that I was looking for!!! My dog, which is a poodle & just beginning to develop an attitude at the not-yet -1-1/2 year stage. He refuses grooming so I have taken him to groomers, an expensive activity that is always a failure. I try to Do-it-myself, but he fights me as soon as I get to the sensitive areas: feet, face, tail & private bits. When I read your article, I realized I was not using that “muscle” of training my dog: One day at a time with a lot of “good boy”s plus a few treats. Thank you.

  9. Mattia says:

    Interesting article and helpful!

    I really like the concept of building courage like muscles.
    For more about that take a look at this:

  10. Well said!

    Courage is like a muscle. The more you work on it, the more stronger it becomes.

    Very nice article.

  11. mauro says:

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  13. Pietro Ficarrotta says:

    I agree with this post, you must never give up and lose your self-confidence .

  14. Very motivating article. I agree with you. You should be more courageous to do any thing in life.

  15. Monica says:

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    If anyone is interested is really affordable, and pleasant to use, just download the mp3 and play it anytime anywhere. For people who are not familial with subliminal, it works only on subconscious.

  16. pikachu chu says:

    thank you

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