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The Art Of Mind Control

If I handed you a 10,000-piece puzzle and asked you to put it together in two hours or less – and oh by the way – you don’t get to see the picture before hand, would you do it?

Probably not before asking yourself two critical questions:

  1. Why?
  2. What’s in it for me?

Maybe not even in that order, right?

This is what your mind does for every hope and dream of yours in LIFE.  It’s fear based thinking is holding you as a prisoner “for your own good”.


It doesn’t LIKE puzzles without end games; your mind needs to see how hard the puzzle is going to be before it decides if it can obtain “success”.

Your mind avoids failure at all costs.

Now let’s pretend I was your boss and said you had to do the puzzle or you’d lose your job. Would you do it then?


But then again it would depend on how important your mind felt the job was and if the reward was worth the risk. In this case keeping the job might feel like the “safer” option so it would deem it as something worth doing to try to avoid the “pain” of the job loss; it would be doing it out of “fear”?

How do you think it would it feel to do a meaningless task out of fear?

Is it really that big of a stretch for you to imagine? I doubt it.

In fact, if you’re like I was, you probably waste most of your time doing something for nothing every day. Having no clear picture of what you want or moving tasks around randomly to feel productive is no different than putting together this 10,000 piece pointless puzzle.

But what if it wasn’t “pointless”…

What if I told you there was a secret message on the puzzle that was going to change your life and make all your dreams come true?

Assuming you believed me… you’d jump at the chance to give it a shot – what would you have to lose? And I bet you’d find a way to actually complete that puzzle, too.

Why? Because you knew there was a real reason to.

Yet, you struggle to treat your LIFE like you would a puzzle, in this paradigm.

What if you KNEW, all you had to do was trust you had the right pieces, knowing everything you did was worth it.  What if you could believe all you had to do was put it together carefully to have everything you ever wanted.

How outrageous would that feel?

Even without the picture to “guide you” it might seem harder or maybe take longer, just believing the end result was going to be worth it would make all the difference in the world.

You would no longer pontificate on your purpose, you’d evaluate each moment on its own merit knowing it was all coming together.

Can you imagine how easy it would be for you to be present in each moment, knowing every piece you found was putting you one more step closer to having everything you ever wanted?

Wouldn’t it feel outrageous?

Pay attention and be aware to keep YOU from getting in YOUR way. 

Know all the pieces of the puzzle are right there and you have everything you need to put it together.  Then tap into your internal power source as a more effortless way to live and enjoy your life.

It feels outrageous when you can finally see the opportunities all around you and begin accepting them with your heart, mind and soul – trust me – I was blind, but now I see and so can you – if you think you can.


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