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If only we knew when we begin our lives that in the end, the only thing that truly matters, are our relationships, perhaps we would make them our top priority. We are social creatures that can evolve immensely simply by relating our experiences to others. This is how we learn to deepen our understanding of ourselves and each other. Our relationships in life also pave the way for more favorable physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It could be relationships award us with a sense of being alive, or it could be that they make you feel valued, it’s the reciprocity of these positive feelings that create meaningful lives.

  1. Marriage does not equate with happiness. The reason one can be in a happy marriage is if they feel supported, and many marriages fail to provide this over time. This blog also touches on the fact that one does not even need marriage at all, if we are surrounded by encouraging friends or family and a significant other as a companion, that is all we need to thrive within the health benefits of a loving relationship.

  1. ‘How to have satisfying, functional and intimate relationships is probably as essential as literacy or numeracy.’ In this blog, we are given specific skills on how to move forward in relationships in order to relate to others healthily, mindfully and kindly. Listening with attention and communicating effectively both play large roles in the success of a relationship.

  1. This article lays down the difference between a ‘hedonic’ (more about experiencing pleasure in life) perspective on relationships and a ‘eudonic’ (more about reaching your potential in life) one. In order to understand and predict the well being of a relationship, one must first determine which of this perspectives drive it. The conclusion is generally that they more a partner feels valued and understood as opposed to just ‘enjoyed’, the greater the meaning on your life.

  1. If we are ‘in love’, we are experiencing a hormonal surge similar to any elation, joy and some would say it’s a high. If we are ‘loving’, we are much more concerned with the minutiae of our partner’s life and sustaining a grounded, authentic love. An ideal relationship is one with a combination of passion and compassion.

  1. We often lose connections in our relationships because we rely heavily on our own potentially misguided mental perceptions of what the other may be thinking. Eye contact and affection are strong indicators of connection, as it promotes security. Couples sometimes fall into a negative cycle of assumptions, missing visual cues to connect, that could lead to a more understanding relationship.

  1. In this blog, an interview with author Susan David, discusses the concept of emotional agility. She feels people in romantic relationships are often ‘inagile’ emotionally, meaning that their thoughts and emotions ultimately create stories which then direct their action. Oftentimes they are negative and ultimately push you away from the goal of a healthy relationship.

  1. How can one define love? It is relative to the person that is feeling the emotion, therefore it is not very easy to qualify. In the realm of psychology, experts continue to research it and one particularly useful framework is the ‘triangle theory’. This theory is based on the belief that there are three facets to love, those are passion, intimacy and commitment, and within those three lie seven types of relationships for which one can define their own relationship.

To be emotionally involved in someone else’s life and connected in some way is what it means to be in a relationship. However, the life that exists inside them is what can be either transformative or debilitating depending on amount of awareness given to the relationship. When a relationship is flowing, our lives are enriched, we can be ourselves and see ourselves in the reflection we give to others.

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Larissa Gomes is a breast cancer survivor and single mom to her spirited baby boy! Originally from Toronto turned Angeleno, she has worked in roles from writer, actor and producer for well over a decade. In that time, she’s developed concepts, film and television screenplays, short stories, along with freelance articles, blogging and editing work.


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  1. Sara Jones says:

    Great article. Thanks for sharing this amazing article.

  2. Great one. Thank you for sharing. These days I am reading such on relationships so that I can improve my relationships and be a good person in my life. Again thank you for sharing. All this together. Cheers !!!

  3. Mark Calloway says:

    Deep and tough conversation with the partner is very much important for your relationship. Nice post! Here are more tips which will help you out about relationship talk:

  4. wesley says:

    Amazing! Thank you for posting this writing. In the us there are people who are blind in having themselves improved and being better especially when it comes to relationship. There are several factors that I can share with you about the relationship between yourself and someone is really playing an important role in improving yourself. One is that what s/he does to you contributes to how will you see yourself. If you are appreciated or not, If you are treated that way you want to be treated. These are just examples of it and there’s too much to explain. However, there is one reading from that can help us all a lot about these topics.

  5. Shirley says:

    Great article, these blogs are definitely worth reading for.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great article and inspiring.

  7. Great article…yes.
    Nevertheless, most of what is been said relates only to the efforts made just by one individual into the relationship.
    It does not matter if it is a marriage, a companion, a friendship, or whatever relationship you currently have, it will always take two to tango, thus, there is useless to say that no relationship works if just one of the individuals involved into such relation is the only one willing to change or to do things to improve the relationship.

  8. Very nice article. Such a great sharing. This is the helpful article. Thanks for sharing. Good relationships are the key to happiness. The relationship makes our life happy. Again thanks for this great sharing.

  9. Thanks for providing such an amazing article about blogs on relationships. I love to reading relationship blogs.

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