The 5 Best Podcasts On Optimism

Favorable outcomes support the optimistic, could there be truer words?

Yes, actually, there probably are truer words. Truth is, optimism is not about things always working out the way you’d like them to. It is about discovering that you can find happiness again, just by focusing on understanding it. Optimism is often thought to be an innate quality, however, most of us have to work at it.

As human beings we are complex, our emotions can vary from day to day based on our experiences in life. Whether it is finding balance in career/family or prevailing over challenges and adversities, hopeful determination to overcome seems to be one thing the optimistic among us possess. Along with the ability to move on from failure, there is still a drive to future success with the optimistic person. So, stay positive! There are ways to work at an optimistic mindset even if you feel it doesn’t come naturally to you.

Here are 5 podcasts that will help you condition yourself and strategize your way to ultimate optimism: 

You Have a Calling – Joseph Wilner is a licensed therapist and life coach. His podcast focuses on prolonging and enhancing your positive emotions and how to do this. With techniques that help you discover gratitude and reframe a difficult experience with discovering what value it may have for you in your life.

Ted Radio Hour – “The Case for Optimism” – This podcast is about how optimism can be the one thing that saves us from even the most destitute of outcomes (climate change, war, famine, etc). Addressing problems in a novel way can help us see that the way out of them is our interconnectedness.

Happiness Matters – “Fostering Optimism and Confidence” – Optimism is learned and within our control. The facts about how optimistic people are more successful in work and relationships and how to foster this in our children.

Beautiful Writer’s podcast – “Writing with Fierce Optimism” a podcast with Leeza Gibbons – What is the difference between optimism and hope? Optimism is a time tested strategy and hope is an inherent ability to get back to what our core values are.

Blogarama – “Overcoming Adversity with Optimism – Helen Keller” A podcast inspired by Helen Keller’s essay on Optimism. It is edited and adapted. Her thoughtful writing is a wonderful essay from a girl who despite being deaf and blind, lived a life of optimism and accomplishment. She was particularly profound and insightful.

We do not need to feel stuck in a spiraling mindset of defeating thoughts, if we trust that we can control these thoughts and free ourselves we can become optimistic of what’s to come and learn from our setbacks. The spirit of our determination can help us visualize obstacles and pain as simply one stop on the way to our best selves. So, optimism is in fact, supported by favorable outcomes, however, that outcome is all in how we perceive it.


Larissa Gomes is a breast cancer survivor and single mom to her spirited baby boy! Originally from Toronto turned Angeleno, she has worked in roles from writer, actor and producer for well over a decade. In that time, she’s developed concepts, film and television screenplays, short stories, along with freelance articles, blogging and editing work.


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