The 5 Best Podcasts on Intuition

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

–  Albert Einstein

We all have choices to make, be it toward relationships, career, child-rearing or even simply our wardrobe. It is often a matter of a pro/con list that helps us make a decision we are contemplating, however, there is something that helps us receive information in a way that we can hear and feel what the best choice is for ourselves. This is called our intuition. If one can allow themselves to live with a ‘receptive’ energy as opposed to being a ‘forcing’ energy, we can operate from what is true and which decision resonates with us on a deeper level.

  1. Marie Manuchehri is what one calls an ‘energy intuitive’, who works in the field of energy medicine. The belief is that holistic healing works with the human energy system to help heal disease. In her radio segment podcats, she touches on several subjects through the readings of callers asking for her help.

  1. This podcast asks, as an intuitive how do you know when to trust your gut? It is both interesting and difficult – how and when one can trust their fundamental wiring? You are a speculative thinker (a sensor) if you look for patterns, and make connections between disparate things. However you are an intuitive if you are driven to make speculative leaps (a tendency to focus only on one thing).

  1. Jess Lively’s blog focuses on how to know you’re listening to your intuition and not your ego. A very common question that is very difficult to define, she sheds light on how to glean the wisdom we all carry with us inside. Often intuitions lead us to uncertain feelings, if we are going through something very challenging, try to discover both voices (the ego and the intuitive voice) – there are 3 markers to intuitive decisions, it will feel peaceful, it will be present focused and it will be fine with the uncertainty. Wait for the answer to come to you form your body and not the first thing that comes into your ear, which is trying to control something.

  1. This is about inner guidance, a concept that defines what it means to follow ‘that voice’ within us, which is intuition. It is choosing to go in for answers instead of going outside of yourself, as there is a part of you that knows more than your mind can think of itself. First one must acknowledge you have an intuition, to develop a relationship with it and begin to practice how to cultivate and recognize it.

Inner Guidance Podcast

  1. In Lana Simmons’ podcast, she muses with her guest, Ivy Felicia, on this time of the year which is the holidays and how it can be a stressful, especially for those of us who are sensitive or keyed into our intuition. We can define our own experience, by recognizing that the ability to connect with intuition is always there. We tend to put everything in a box, and our intuition may urge us to rip that box apart. However we experience fear of making choices that can subject us to failure in order to avoid being uncomfortable, so we may suppress the intuitive voice.

The only way to trust your intuition is view it as a friend, by building a relationship with it as you practice and develop the skill of being instinctive. See what is there to begin with, collect all the information, don’t hesitate and then you can make a leap as to what is considered a decision based on trusting your intuition. We think too often with our reason and rationale versus a deeper and emotive level of thought, there is some guidance one can follow to clarify your intuition. Intuition is subtle and it is based on vibration. It simply feels often like a ‘knowing’, the concept that our own soul communicates and exists as real and tangible when we live in our own intuition.


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