The 5 Best Podcasts on Creativity

An idea without action is imagination, not creativity. Creativity often feels like you are experiencing a finely tuned sense of self, a realm of consciousness that sparks the flame of an idea or an innovation. There is an amalgamation of patterns, connections and perceptions that precede the rush of creativity, yet it can be so elusive to achieve. The act of discovering and producing solutions is also at the core of creativity. These 5 podcasts illuminate what exactly it is to embody creativity.

  1. This is a podcast by Brian Koppelman who speaks to author Seth Godin as they tackle the topic of inertia and writer’s block. One must begin with the question “who is it for?’ He feels there is no such thing as writer’s block, only bad habits and fear of what someone else will say. The inventions of judgment is not fuel it’s sabotage’. All is in the act of practice.

  1. This podcast ‘Show up before you’re ready’ features Glennon-Doyle Melton, and is such an honest conversation to listen to. She posits that the deeper you go the more other people see themselves in you. So, there is no reason to worry about showing people who you are, which is a big obstacle for most creative people.

  1. How do you know you’re creative? There is not one perfect measure to find it, but there are several correlations that point to that answer. Cultural knowledge and the moment in time enter into the equation. Creativity is routinely equated with the arts, but other skills relate to ingenuity as well, such a science, that draw on perception and problem solving. There is courage involved in being able to color outside the lines.

  1. This podcast interviews Justine Musk, as she discusses her journey of discovering her true purpose in life after an identity crisis. When you ask yourself different questions such as how to live a meaningful life, how do you then create that for yourself? Creativity in this broader scope of your entire life’s purpose is a question about tuning in to your intuitive voice. Ask yourself what is working in your life, dissect it and discover emotional resonance, that is a result of creative expression and communication.

  1. In this blog, they discuss the question that with the knowledge that the old guard of ‘left brain, right brain’ ideas are overturned, where does creativity actually come from? The answer is ‘it’s complex’, and points to multi faceted traits such as behaviors, cognitive processes, how our brain makes associations, etc – these are all factors. Creative people tend to daydream, all the work is in your head. Identify when you work the best and hold on to this to foster your best creative effort.

Creativity begins with a drive, a conviction and a sense of optimism about a particular point of view. However, it is not necessarily always an innate or inherent quality, creativity is something that can be cultivated to a certain degree. Creative people utilize different ways of processing experience, make unique connections between things, and form new insights. There’s a need to reach out and make contact with others who may acknowledge the impact of the creative outlet. To be creative is uniquely human, and over the ages, humanity has produced astonishing works that display the depths of our mystifying imagination.

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Larissa Gomes is a breast cancer survivor and single mom to her spirited baby boy! Originally from Toronto turned Angeleno, she has worked in roles from writer, actor and producer for well over a decade. In that time, she’s developed concepts, film and television screenplays, short stories, along with freelance articles, blogging and editing work.


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