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The 3 Keys to Financial Independence

Today we are seeing more self made millionaires than ever before. Today it is easier than you might think to accomplish your goals.

From my studies of successful people, my work with different individuals and my own experiences I have found 3 simple keys to financial independence.

•    Spend less than you earn
This is so obvious but most people live paycheck to paycheck hoping to win the lottery (even if they don’t buy tickets) without a thought of building their way to financial independence.
Start saving a part of your income. I know it can be tough, but start with just a little. 20 dollars per month is a start and as time goes by hopefully you can increase that amount slowly but surely.

•    Invest Your Money – Make it work for you
Now that you are saving money, make it work for you. Spend time learning to invest it. Try to get a good secure interest off the money and let that interest grow your savings into the money machine you deserve.

•    One part of your savings becomes your “financial fortress” you don’t touch it for anything ever.

Your financial fortress is what keeps you safe. It lets you know that you are always safe and it generates a steady income each year.
The money in the fortress you never touch, you can use the interest, but the point is to build that interest into a stream that can take care of you for years to come.

Vow to put some of your saving into the fortress and let it grow steadily.

This methodology is being used by thousands and thousands around the world.
As you can see the techniques are simple, accessible to anyone, but often overlooked.

Most of the self made millionaires today live in areas and with neighbors who have no idea they are millionaires. They have a strong financial fortress that gives them freedom to do what they wish and not have to see money as a problem.

On the other hand they don’t waste their money; they know what they spend it on and make sure to get as much out of each penny as possible.

I do not believe in the minimalistic life many self made millionaires live, I think that you should spend the money you have earned on what you care about, but make sure to make smart decisions with your economy and make sure you keep that financial fortress safe and secure.


Anyone can make themselves financially independent. Depending on how much you are able to save each month and how much you feel you need to be financially independent, it will take different amounts of time.
The good news is that you can start today and work steadily towards your goals gathering more and more momentum as you go because your money machine and fortress start working for you.

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