How Technology Can Help You Quit Smoking For Good

Technology has changed how we live our lives forever. Whether it’s a recipe for that lasagne you’ve always wanted to cook or to book that holiday that you’ve always dreamed of, technology has given us a whole new way to fulfil these tasks.

If you smoke cigarettes, then you’re probably already aware of the oblivious methods of giving up, which include going cold turkey and wearing nicotine patches. As we are surrounded by evolving technology, we will take a look at modern ways that you can use technology to help you beat those cravings indefinitely, so that you can live a smoke-free life.

We will feature five different types of technology that help you kick the habit for good. We will cover mobile applications, user blogs, forums, electronic cigarettes and lasers.

Mobile Apps

There are so many Apps available to people who want to quit smoking, some are a lot more worthy than others. Apps are great a way to kick the habit, as most apps have the ability to track your health, cravings, nicotine consumption and statistics.

These features are great as it makes it a lot more personal because you can track how your nicotine intake and it allows you to identify why you were struggling to quit. They can also show you how much money you’ve saved, motivational messages and how much longer you will live if you quit. When the app shows you how much money you’ve saved, it’s an added incentive to quitting.

Not only are they helping you quit, but they show you what you could of bought instead. This could of been that family holiday that you thought couldn’t afford, but now you can.

Our favourites are definitely LIVESTRONG’s MyQuit Coach, and Quit it Lite.

LIVESTRONG’s MyQuit Coach App allows you to create a personalised plan to help you quit. It gives you the option of quit smoking straight away or gradually decrease your nicotine intake; useful as some smokers have a weaker will power than others.  It’s highly interactive as you can upload your own personalised motivational messages and you earn badges and awards for your resistance in giving up.

Quit it Lite is also another awesome App in helping people quit smoking altogether. The App has a lot more motivational aspects than others, as it encourages smokers to quit but also helps ex-smokers to keep off the cigarettes. The features include how much money you’ve saved, how many cigarettes you smoked/the tar you didn’t consume and highlights the benefits of quitting smoking. It will show you how much your health will change when you haven’t smoked for different periods of time. When you can see exactly how much your overall health has improved since you last smoked a cigarette, it makes you think again about what you’re doing to your body.


Blogs provide information online to a specific target audience; these could either be from an individual or a business. They are an excellent way to help people give up smoking as they are predominantly written by past-smokers, providing an insight on what it takes to gives up. The blogs that we really appreciate are QuitCigs4Free and Smoking Cessation as they are both written by writers who have the experience of giving up smoking. They also let readers submit their journey of giving the habit. Smokers are reading these blogs and gaining that inspiration in giving up as they have added motivation from people around the world.

smoking blog image


Forums allow members to discuss specific topics with people all over the world. They have become one of the top mediums for those who want to interact with like-minded individuals.

Smoking is just one of these topics.  There are numerous forums for those individuals who wish to stop smoking; every forum has detailed sections regarding different elements of how to stop. They are essentially communities for people who want to achieve the same goal; they also allow you to reach out to others and help them through it.

The stop smoking forum that has really caught our eye is No Smoking Day, which is backed by the British Heart Foundation. It has individual threads for different stages of giving up, e.g. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 4-7 and so forth. Members can then discuss their feelings in the thread that relates to them.

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Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are cigarette-shaped devices that emit doses of vaporised nicotine which is then inhaled.  The device is battery-powered and essentially they are like smoking a real cigarette but without all the harmful toxins.

A lot of people who plan on giving up smoking see this useful way to slowly give up, but also still have that social belonging that comes with smoking. There are hundreds of different e-cigarettes on the market ranging from beginner kits right up to advanced kits, which all various price ranges. We particularly like e-cigarettes from Electronic Cigarette Shop, as their e-cigarettes look like the real thing and not large electronic devices.

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Imagine having low-level lasers target specific acupuncture points on your body, which relate to addiction, stress and metabolism. Similar to those who are treated with arthritis pain, the laser is pointed at your face, hands and wrist with the aim of relieving withdrawal symptoms and preventing cravings. This is what Innovative Laser Therapy is, and it claims that most patients can quit smoking after just session. This method is still fairly new, but could be a quick fix to helping you quit your smoking habit.

therapy photo

What’s best for you?

There are lots of different ways of using technology to help you quit smoking; we recommend a combination of these methods to help you reach your goal and enjoy a long smoke-free life. We also understand that everyone is an individual and there is no easy way to quit, but we’d like to think that we have covered modern ways of quitting smoking.


Jack Jones writes for Electronic Cigarette Shop and has a passion for helping people stop smoking. In his spare time, he enjoys going to the cinema and visiting places around the world.


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    This information was very helpful. I have depended on the web so much to help me find information and compare important information like prices and sizes. ! Really glad there is a safe option like this around. But the use of it very harmful for the health.

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    I looked at the Anker, which would be great for at-home use. Anker has a sound reputation, For international use, I’m partial to the separate adapters that come with the unit. I was hoping Anker would make one, but alas… so the YXwin filled the void.

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