Taking Personal Responsibility for the Environment

One of the problems with the modern environmental movement is that it’s more about politics than protecting the environment. Instead of focusing on a cause that everyone has reason to support, it’s become a controversial debate across party lines. Many people seem more concerned with who wins the debate than what happens to the planet.

Why should people have to choose between protecting the environment and supporting free trade? Why is there an us vs. them mentality? How much of what you hear is real and what is hype?

It doesn’t make much sense, and the controversy leads to more confusion and less action. Protecting the environment is a duty, not an argument to be won or lost. By turning it into a debate, we forget the real issue and everyone loses.

Instead of protesting or arguing, forget about the political aspect of protecting the environment and focus on what you can do to help on an individual level.

In my mind, living greener boils down to 2 simple principles:

  • Use only what you need – How often do we waste food and energy, simply because we have an abundance? Small things like turning off lights, taking shorter showers, or driving a more efficient car make a tremendous difference when millions of people do them.
  • Leave the earth cleaner than you found it – Strive to be a positive influence on your surroundings by cleaning up the waste you create and then some. If everyone lived by this there wouldn’t be a problem.

If we can all strive to do a little better every day, not only will the earth a cleaner, safer place, but we’ll become more thoughtful and harmonious individuals.

Happy Blog Action Day!

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