Sunday Best: The Most Impactful Self Improvement Content This Week From Around The Web

Hi Guys!

Hope you had a great, inspired week.

In my travels around the web, I found 4 pretty cool finds!

Check them out below:

Firstly, I was totally inspired by Peter G. James Sinclair’s article:

How To Overcome Fear, Timidity and Self Pity

In classic Motivational Memo style – there isn’t a dishonest word in the piece!

Next, LifeHacker discovered:

a super cool fitness app

No excuses now!!

Found a fabulous Tumblr list: (Thanks, SocialWebDaily!)

10 Great Tumblr Blogs for News Junkies

Finally, this piece from The Simple Dollar was one of the highlights of my week!

Ten Pieces of Inspiration!


If you read anything great this week, please feel free to share!