Stroking the Ego of an “A-List” Blogger

Jason Calacanis, A-List blogger and founder of Weblogs Inc. (the company behind the enormously popular Engadget) has written a post stating some general rules for link baiting him. Follow these rules, he says, and he’s very likely to link back to you.

Basically he expects people to stroke his ego a bit before bashing his usually controversial opinions. He recommends citing his past accomplishments, mentioning his bulldog, or displaying attractive pictures of him before he gained weight.

I read this post earlier and went on my merry way, but then he posted a follow up linking back to the first few people to blog about his original post. As a neophyte blogger I figure I need all the exposure I can get, so why not give Calacanis the attention he wants in return for a little exposure on his popular blog?

Anyways, this is a bit of a marketing experiment and I apologize if it isn’t relevant to you.

Calacanis, your narcissism is remarkable but it’s also the reason I read you. I gave you what you wanted so please link back to me.

Calacanis readers, while you’re here, you might as well check out some of my other posts. The Popular Article list in the sidebar is a good place to start. Also, subscribing to the feed is a good idea.