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How To Stop Negative Thoughts

Discipline is required in everything we do. Whether it may be our diet, our discipline to stick to a schedule, our discipline to exercise but what I have found is the most difficult to control is the discipline to have the right thoughts. By that I don’t mean we need to control & monitor every thought that comes into our head but if we could give our thoughts an overall direction, I think our lives could be a lot simpler & better.

It’s very easy to slip into negative thinking with things going wrong over the course of the day or unexpected things occurring which we had not anticipated. A day with bad thoughts is pretty much a day gone bad.

Why is it that it’s so much easier to correct others while it’s so much tougher for us to correct ourselves? It seems a lot easier to identify why others have the wrong kind of thinking but it’s so tough for us to identify the wrong thoughts within us.

In order for us to understand our thoughts better, I have mentioned below the following pointers.

–          Treat your thoughts like money in the bank

Just the way you would think before using money you have in the bank, start thinking before you use your thoughts. If we can start to become aware of what we are thinking & we have the understanding that we are actually spending our thoughts, we will start to think differently & become more specific about where and how we spend them.

Even though it’s not practically possible to control our thoughts all the time, just having the awareness – treating them like currency, will go a long way. Every wrong or so called negative thought is like us burning a dollar bil whereas every progressive thought can be treated like an investment we have made which will give us a positive return.

If we can take our thoughts to this level of understanding, I’m sure a lot of things in our lives would fall into place. It reminds me of the quote by Buddha

“Correct your mind & the rest will fall into place”

–          Using your thoughts is like using physical muscles

Just the way we have a finite amount of strength in our body, we have a limited resource in our mind at any given point of time. If we exhaust ourselves with negative thoughts we feel like all of our energy has been sucked away. So taking the same analogy above, treat your thoughts like physical muscles thinking that every positive thought will add to your energy & every negative thought will take away your energy.

If your physical capacity is to run 2 miles at one go, you obviously can’t run another 2 miles after your first run. Similarly, if we have exhausted our metal muscles by dwelling on the bad stuff, we won’t have energy to use it to create the good stuff.

Thinking about the good stuff would be more like increasing your physical stamina so you can push yourself beyond the 2 mile limit the next time.

If we end up using the limited resource in a counterproductive way, it will leave us with no energy to move ahead in a progressive manner as all our thoughts would have created the wrong momentum within our minds.

–          Observing how our thoughts make us feel

It’s not hard figure out what you are feeling. If we feel tightness in our body & face, short on breath, we have thought the wrong thoughts. If there is a feeling of release in our body, a certain calmness, we have invested in the right thoughts.

The only way we can preserve & increase this limited budget is by adding the right kind of thoughts to it. The thoughts that keep our focus on the solution rather than the problem. The thoughts that invest in strengthening our faith rather than increasing our worry.


What motivated me to blog ?

Facing day to day challenges, it started to intrigue me how people have learned to be successful despite several odds stacked against them. I wanted to further understand the power of our minds as to how it affects the rest of our life.

I thought the best way to learn would be to share what I know & what I ready which is when I found “ Pick the brain” as a very suitable platform to share my thoughts which I hope will help others. Check more of my thoughts at my blog!


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