Stomach Cancer Stage 4 Treatment

Stomach cancer stage 4 is a complex diagnosis. It is the stage of cancer that requires specific treatment options.

Is surgery an option for patients with stomach cancer stage 4?

Stage 4 stomach cancer is characterized by rapid tumor growth, metastasizing to regional lymph nodes and distant organs (liver, bones, pancreas, less often lungs). With the development of metastases in other organs, characteristic symptoms occur such as jaundice and liver failure with liver damage, ascites with metastases in the peritoneum, bowel obstruction with metastases in the small intestine, etc.

Therefore, at the advanced stages, gastric cancer is usually inoperable due to the large size of the neoplasm, presence of multiple metastases, and the serious general condition of the patient. In some cases, stage 4 stomach cancer may be effectively treated with modern targeted anticancer drugs.

Surgical treatment for stage 4 stomach cancer is used mainly for palliative care of life-threatening conditions like bleeding from a tumor.

What are the treatment options for stage 4 stomach cancer?

Treatment options for stage 4 stomach cancer depend on the patient’s general condition, but usually include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted therapy. Radiation therapy is mostly used to relieve symptoms of the disease. And again, surgical treatment is not preferred because of the significant risks and doubtful advantages.

Besides, numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that the survival of patients with stage 4 stomach cancer who received only chemotherapy is longer than the survival of patients who received complex surgical and chemotherapeutic treatment. That is why, today, the therapy of an advanced form of pathology in most cases is carried out with the help of chemotherapy. However, some new therapies have been included in this protocol. Studies have demonstrated that patients with HER2-positive gastric cancer feel much better when trastuzumab is added to the combination of platinum with fluoropyrimidine.

An analysis of randomized trials has shown that the use of combined chemotherapy regimens leads to a significant increase in overall survival rates compared to single-drug chemotherapy or symptomatic maintenance therapy.

Chemotherapy regimens, including various regimens with platinum, fluoropyrimidines, taxanes, and anthracyclines, are the first-line therapy in the treatment of advanced stomach cancer.

In addition, a special place is occupied by the so-called targeted therapy and immunotherapy, which in recent decades have become one of the most promising methods of treating cancer.

Palliative care

At this stage, palliative treatment of stomach cancer is also performed. It aims to relieve symptoms, relieve pain, and improve quality of life.

Palliative therapy makes it possible to achieve relative stabilization of the course of the disease in 40-45% of cases.

During the stomach cancer stage 4 treatment in modern clinics, the patient can participate in clinical trials. Trials often include new immunotherapy and targeted therapy strategies. To participate in clinical trials for stomach cancer, you should consult with doctors first.

Prognosis after treatment

Fourth stage stomach cancer has the most favorable prognosis among all advanced cancer diagnoses. The 5-year survival rate is about 15-20%. More favorable results were observed in patients with cancer of the cardiac region of the stomach, especially in squamous cell carcinoma of the stomach, after radiation therapy.

Can I undergo stage 4 stomach cancer treatment during a lockdown?

Undergoing stomach cancer stage 4 treatment during lockdown is possible. But this is a tough road to walk alone.

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