Staying Happy in your Place of Work

One cannot argue how important happy employers are at work. The happier the employees, the more productive the business. Maybe your employer is not taking the necessary steps to ensure that you are as happy as you should be. If that is the case, be sure to take your own steps to be happy at your place of work. Below, you will find steps that will lead you to a happier work environment.

  • Maintain positive emotions: These emotions include energetic, bouncy, loving, kind, complete, optimistic, and glad.
  • Avoid labels: When something bad happens, be aware and focus to improve. When something good happens, do not get overly egotistical about your success.
  • Be resilient: Adversity in workplace is commonplace and being able to recover after adversity is important so you  can do great things.
  • Do not hold grudges: Nothing is worse than having angst toward a coworker or boss and that will inhibit your ability to be happy at work.
  • Stay away from jealousy: When you are jealous of the success of a coworker, you often miss out on how well you are doing or what is making you happy.
  • Find your passion: Being passionate is important but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be passionate about your job. Your passion should lie within yourself; you should be passionate about you.
  • Remember where you’ve been and envision where you’re going. Remembering the past is a good way to maintain happiness; chances are you are in a better place now. On top of that, looking towards and envisioning the future gives you the opportunity to keep striving and driving towards your goals.
  • Do not live a life of “what ifs”: What ifs are your  worst enemy at work. Try to stay focused on the now and remember that you are in control of your happiness and no one else is.
  • Invest in the process: You will not automatically become the CEO of a company. You have to trust that if you work hard, maintain happiness, and use the process to your advantage that you will get to where you would like to go.
  • Do not be selfish: Most of this article is focused on you being happy, but one way to make sure that you are happy is to help others. If your coworkers are happy, your job will be a lot easier, and it will be much happier to stay happy in your position.
  • Stop multitasking: Research has shown that humans do not have the ability to multitask. All we do is switch back and forth between tasks quickly, meaning our focus is never primarily on one task. If you are mindful of this, you will be more success with your progress, and your overall happiness will rise.
  • Make friends: Developing a social circle can make work easier because you can look forward to social gatherings.
  • Make your own opportunities: If you only do what is asked of you, you might find yourself stuck in a pattern. If you make your own opportunities and take your own initiative. You could see the work benefiting you in many ways.
  • Ask questions: One of the biggest pitfalls that many of us have is that we feel inadequate if we have to ask questions. Do not be shy. Ask questions if you do not know the answer to something, and this will let your boss know that you can take directions and succeed in tasks instead of needing to be constantly advised.
  • Quit! The last option to find happiness at your workplace is to find new work. This might involve investing in online education, moving, or doing other tasks.

If you look at this list, you will be sure to find at least one step that will help you improve happiness at the workplace. More than likely, many of these steps will help you at your place of work. One of the common theme in this list is that your happiness and your work happiness are not necessarily the same. You can be happy at work by making friends, doing your job, and creating a positive work environment without necessarily “loving” your job. Many people know that a job is a means to an end, and if that’s the case for you be sure to try some of these steps to make your 40+ hours a week a little nicer and a little better for you and everyone around you.

Ava Reed is an avid education and technology blogger who specializes in distance learning. I love reading, cooking, and I also enjoy helping others on their career explorations. Let’s say “no” to stress; we need to identify a specific career that will allow us to make good use of our talents and skills.


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  1. Laura Larrabee says:

    This is a great life lesson that I am glad to hear as I sometimes forget to utilized some of the most common ideas. I need to ask questions more often and stop multitasking so much. Having friends at work makes it all wonderful.

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