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Your Skin Is Talking To You: Are You Listening?

Your skin is a mess and you’ve tried everything. Prescriptions, supplements, peels and oils. But what if something more is at work? What if your skin is a reflection of something deeper?

Are you listening?

During my 20-year journey of healing my skin, I’ve come to discover that acne and other skin conditions are our bodies’ way of demanding our attention. The problem is, we’re so busy battling our skin, we don’t take the time to listen to it. Here are five things your skin may be trying to telling you:

1. You are harboring unresolved anger.

When feelings of anger get bottled up and linger year after year, our bodies will start to literally erupt with inflammation.

It’s important to allow yourself to feel what you feel. Write in your journal, talk to a friend, consult a therapist. You may even find it helpful to respectfully confront the object of your anger.

The pinnacle of this process is finding forgiveness in your heart. This cannot be forced or faked. But once you reach this point, you will likely find your skin in a much calmer, more beautiful state.

2. You are having trouble forgiving yourself for a past transgression.

If this is the source of your skin problems, then you will know by the secret sense of shame you conceal deep inside you. You did something you aren’t proud of, or perhaps you simply did not live up to your standards (or someone else’s). It could be as big as cheating on a spouse or as small as having to move back in with your parents after a financial meltdown. It feels like you screwed up – and you’re certain you deserve to be punished for it.

You may find you need professional help with this one, too, but get started by simply making amends for what you did. Once you’ve made your apologies, start thinking big. You are doing a disservice to everyone in your life by holding yourself back because of a past mistake. Think of how your act of self-forgiveness would affect the lives of your loved ones. When you set yourself free, you set others free, as well.

3. You are living out of alignment.

Your soul is speaking to you, but are you listening? You hear and know one thing, but you live another. You say the same things you always did, but somehow, it all feels wrong. The worst part is when you know what your soul is telling you but you won’t acknowledge it. It’s like living a lie – and your skin will reflect your inner conflict.

Get clear on what’s going on inside. Is it time to change your diet in a way that reflects your morals? Do you need to explore another career path? Are you engaging in behavior that you know is hurtful and wrong?

It’s not easy, but the only solution is to listen and act. Sometimes, it takes great faith and courage, but the act of realigning your life with your soul will not only make your skin happy, but your heart, as well.

4. You don’t recognize your worth.

Your worth is not defined by the media, children, significant others, jobs, salaries, clothing or the size of your waistline. The power of your worth lies in your own hands. You determine it. If you are able to reconnect with who you really are (see #5) then you will truly know your worth.

5. You have lost sight of who you truly are.

Mother. Wife. Friend. Employee. These all might describe you, but who are you really? I’ll give you a hint – it has nothing to do with your roles in relationships and nothing to do with what you look like.

You are a beautiful, magnificent soul. You are a child of the divine, creative force that birthed this infinite universe. Nothing is more beautiful – or worthy – than that.

So if you find yourself facing another breakout, take the time to ask yourself what your skin is trying to tell you before you distract yourself with treatment. When the soul is shining, the skin is glowing!

Yancy Lael struggled with skin problems for 20 years and finally found her own healing through holistic medicine, spiritual study and herbalism. She is the author of Glowing: Soulful Skincare. You can find more about Yancy at


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