How To Radiate Positivity In A Negative World

To all the other dreamers out there, don’t ever stop or let the world’s negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If you surround yourself with love and the right people, anything is possible.” – Adam Green

Every day feels like doomsday, doesn’t it?

Negative events fill the news, and negative voices litter the air. It seems the whole world conspires to drain your positivity, suck your optimism dry, and drag you down to their cynical, pessimistic level.

And staying positive in such a negative world can feel just like a dead-end job.

Relentless prophets of doom populate that negative world, sniping at all that’s good and great in your world, scoffing at all that’s pure and positive.

But are you really going to let their clouds of negativity extinguish the sunshine in your world?

A Cold Beginning…

 True, I was raised by professional pessimists. Sure, I grew up surrounded by major-league negativity mongers.

People who could never see the cloud — let alone a silver lining because they never looked up, only down. That’s an honest shame for them. A tragedy, really.

My parents raised kids the way they’d been raised, so that’s absolutely no criticism. All credit to them; they did their best with what they’d been given – which they collectively agreed was a whole bunch of nothing much.

To them, the future always looked bleak, and we were always on the verge of some disaster. Holidays were a long distance drag, and family movie trips were misery-fests. Newspapers were the diet of every dinner table discussion, always leaving me desperately hungry for less drama.

Early on, something in me screamed, “To hell with that!”

Luckily for me, the family business took the adults their whole lives to run, leaving my sister and me to entertain ourselves for hours, often days at a time. Ah, perfect.

I spent all the time I could grab outside. Days of sunshine fun among a forest of forgotten fruit trees and giant colorful weeds — mostly grubbing about in the dirt but merrily convinced I had a botanical bent. I was happy.

And, I was happy to be the nerdy kid, always reading upbeat stories about friends going on fabulous adventures with no struggles or drama. “Bookworm Boo,” my sister would say, “come and watch TV.” But I was happy with my books.

Early independence was my family’s greatest gift. It left me free for a large part to choose what went into my brain, free to have fun my way and, best of all, free to find out what tickled my positivity bone. I learned that drama only seemed to achieve a whole bunch of wasted energy. I stopped listening to so much of the pointless sticky stuff. I was happy.


Getting hot … and clammy

 Maybe it’s an age thing, but the gloomy atmosphere I struggled with as a kid I now find insufferable and intolerable. Seriously, it’s a proper allergy. It’s gone undiagnosed by the medical profession; they’ve been too cynical to see the truth. Negativity makes my neck swell. It makes my teeth itch. It makes me nauseous.

I admit it, I selfishly set out to radiate positivity for my own benefit as much as to help others.

Life’s definitely no fun without optimism; I’ve checked that out for sure. It’s a hideous grind without positivity; I can vouch for that. Like you, I want my skies to always be blue, my clouds silver lined. Thank goodness such outcomes are for us to choose — phew, for being able to decide for ourselves!

But not everyone knows that. They’ve been told the opposite. There’s enough “evidence” to prove us wrong, for sure. And there’s certainly enough negativity to crash into every day to make our positivity all the more needed.

So how can we become radiators of positivity in a negative world?

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3 simple ways to fill your tank with nothing but positivity…

First, you’ll need to fill your tank up to full. Never mind all that moderation stuff You’ll need to stuff it in every orifice you can find.

  1. Feed yourself a diet of positive stimulation. Using books, quotes, films, and any other motivating sources you can get your hands on, continuously build your infinite mental treasury of upbeat, optimistic stories, facts, ideas, and opinions – use these to keep you positive and counter others’ negativity.
  2. Ramp up your personal philosophy of positivity. See the glass as neither half full nor half empty – it can always be refilled, so its temporary state is irrelevant to a positive outlook.
  3. Make time for fun. Don’t forget this often-overlooked but essential ingredient. Fun people are positive people.

Once you’ve filled your tank, it’s time to unleash your positivity on the world. Be selfish. Be selfless. Practice being a positivity radiator for you and for others. The following are some of the best ways I’ve found to radiate positivity in a negative world.

7 ways to radiate positivity everywhere you go

  1. Use open body language. This is seen as approachable, positive, and outgoing.
  2. Talk louder and faster. This can generate more energy and more positivity.
  3. Turn negative remarks from others around. Reply by asking a positively leading question like, “Hey, you’ve said it’s not a good situation, but how about a brainstorm for a solution – are you up for that?”
  4. Use short, memorable phrases or sound bites. Say, tweet or Pin these so that others can spread them virally, further radiating your positivity.
  5. Don’t try to reverse negativity. Focus on your role as a radiator to spread positivity, not reverse it.
  6. Do the unexpected. Praise and reward others, especially when they least expect it – this brings out the positive in them and you.
  7. Applaud the positive actions of public figures. Rave to others about instances of positivity worldwide.

Paint your skies blue…

You can’t change the doom merchants; negativity will always fill their news and air.

For them, cynicism and pessimism will always rule.

But if you become a radiator of positivity, you’ll find yourself living in an altogether different world.

Positive events will fill your day, and positive people will fill your life as you attract other radiators to you. The world you create will fuel your optimism and keep your sunshine not just undimmed but glorious.

Grab the takeaway ideas above that shout to you.

Turn your positivity thermostat up to max and get radiating…

Bio: Mark & Laura are on a mission to help you gain control of your life and find your smile. Download their free cheat sheet: 5 Ways To Say No Without Offending Anyone (Even If You Hate Conflict)


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