Mastering The Art of Meditation to Get Rid of Mental Diarrhea

Our current lifestyle and food habits have made us vulnerable to several ailments and that’s why nowadays, more and more people are adopting different ways to live a healthy and balanced life. Long working hours, increased stress, improper sleeping habits, environmental pollution, all these things are taking its toll on your health and it’s high time to start thinking for a way to get out of this misery and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to living a healthy life then most of the people think that by just keeping their body healthy, they will be able to get away with the chaos and health risk associated with the modern day world. But that’s not true as a body can’t stay healthy if it doesn’t have a peaceful mind.

It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend in the gym, how many abs you have, how much carbs and protein you take on a daily basis if your mind wouldn’t be at peace, all your effort of keeping your body healthy might go to waste.

A peaceful mind holds the secret key to a balanced life. Consider your body as a car and your mind as the steering.  It doesn’t matter what’s the quality of the engine, how much horsepower it has, and how well you have maintained it, if you will not have the steering in your hand, then it will not take you to the right place and that’s why before learning to enhance the performance of a car, you should first learn how to control the steering or in this case, your mind. And the best way to master the art of controlling your mind and bringing it to peace is through meditation.

Most people suffer from mental diarrhea

Humans can’t stop thinking and the day a human stops thinking for even a second means he is dead. Our brain keeps on working from the starting of our life till our death, 24/7, even when our body rests during the sleep.  But most of these thoughts are useless and this is what is known as Mental diarrhea.

Everyone is aware of the reason behind physical diarrhea, which is the consumption of bad food and the same thing goes for mental diarrhea in which we keep on consuming bad thoughts and negativity related to our lives.  Through consumption of such thoughts, your mind starts suffering from mental diarrhea and starts releasing thoughts of its own or keeps you away from where you physically are.

Your mind keeps on telling its own story instead of telling the story which you want to listen to and that’s why your mind is not in your control and thinking and making your work according to its own will.

Your brain is not in our control and if it would have been then you could have used it like your hands. You can use your hands when you want it to and then you can keep it at rest as per your wish, but the same thing can’t be done for the brain and that’s where the real problem starts.

You might be sitting at a conference while your mind will be wandering at the accountant’s office worrying about the tax deadline, you might be watching television and your mind might be roaming around your office planning your workload. The day you will be able to keep your mind and body together while having full control on your thoughts, that day you will attain the state of inner peace and that can only be achieved through meditation.

What’s the easiest way of meditating for stopping mental diarrhea?

Many people consider meditation as a tough task because they were introduced to the easy process of meditation as rocket science. Upon asking many people, you will hear them explaining about seeing the universe through meditation, enlightenment of the soul and all other advanced things but in simple words, meditation is a simple art through which you can have control your mind.

Many people have misconceptions about meditation and they think meditation as thinking of nothing but that’s not true. You can never stop thoughts and emotions in your mind and you will actually need those thoughts in order to meditate.

The real issue in meditation is whether you listen to your monkey mind or not and the real way to make your monkey mind think of what you want him to think rather than listening to what he says is by giving it a job, a job of focusing on your breathing.

You should focus your monkey mind on your breath and while breathing in, you should mentally say ‘breathe in’ and while breathing out, you should mentally say ‘breathe out’. Your monkey mind may not like this much and it may start thinking about lots of other things but don’t worry about it because as long as you don’t forget your breath, any background thoughts will be fine.

You can start practicing this simple meditation technique for 3 minutes and then you can go on as per your convenient. Soon, you will realize that your monkey mind has stopped thinking about others thing when you ask it to focus on your breath and that’s how you will start controlling your mind and thoughts.

Meditation has now become a necessity now rather than an option because our brain takes all the stress throughout our life and when it starts to start telling stories of its own without your will, that’s where the real problem starts. Start with the simple way of meditation mentioned in this article and you will start noticing the changes in just a month.

Saurabh Gupta is the content writer at Cloudwalks, a QuickBooks cloud hosting company. His area of expertise includes life lessons, healthy lifestyle.  cloud computing, cloud accounting, software, and cybersecurity. In his free time, he loves exploring the world of technology and ways to living a healthy life



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