Mantras To Help You Get Through Hellish Times

This post is for those who would rather eat raw chicken than meditate. I used to be one of those people. Whenever someone told me that I need to meditate I resisted it with all my might. Now, my new mantra is my favorite Star Trek quote, “Resistance is futile”.

So, I have given in. I am starting to meditate. And I am doing it without kicking and screaming. I am also eating kale. Maybe it’s buried in a garlic yogurt dip but it’s there.

I realized why I was unwilling to meditate. Because I didn’t want to sit alone with my thoughts without my pacifiers! That alone is a clear sign that one needs to meditate. If you are afraid of being alone with your thoughts, it’s because your mind is attacking you, attacking someone else or itself. It’s a war zone up there. Who wants that?

The mind is an abstract. There isn’t a pocket inside our brain that holds our mind that a surgeon can find and remove. The brain is an organ, the mind isn’t. The mind is formed by the electrical impulses in the brain and is based on one’s perceptions, thoughts patterns, beliefs, memories, imagination, feelings, etc. We can’t really unplug it or turn it off. Even when we sleep, it conjures up material from our subconscious (“the storage”) in the form of dreams. Only when we die it ceases to exist, whereas the brain is left sitting in our skull.

The only way to tame it is by giving it tools that will slowly introduce a new pattern of calm and balance. Since my mind talks all the time, I decided that I want to talk back to it — in the form of mantras.

My Solution: Mantra Meditation!

The mantra doesn’t have to be in Sanskrit. My brief research suggested that it is not just about what the mantra means but the vibration that is emanated from it. That rings true for me. You don’t have to sit on a meditation pillow to benefit from them either. But when our spine is erect, it makes it easier for the vibration to be received.

If in the middle of the day, something starts tugging at you and you’re starting to get too upset, too anxious or too something, you can repeat the mantra 3–10 times and it will slow you down enough to think and act logically. Keep a mantra bookmarked in your mind so you can access it when your mind gets on an unhappy path. You now have a tool to use to neutralize and uplift that vibration.

I put together mantras that have worked for me at different times in my life. I am a highly sensitive person. So, if something has any vibrational charge, I will feel it. Some of them, I created or tweaked myself. I stumbled upon some of them somewhere in life but I can’t remember the source. Please look them up if you feel drawn to them or for other interpretations.

1) Om gam gana pataye namaha. This invokes Ganesh(a) — the elephant-headed deity. She is the Remover of Obstacles — seen and unseen. Youtube has videos sharing many variations of saying this mantra. I personally like saying it slowly. I like saying this out loud for a while to get the vibration going and keep saying it silently.

2) Nam myo ho ren ge kyo. I used this one when I felt stuck and desired change even though I didn’t know what I wanted. My Higher self knows what’s best for me. I am ready for what is next. Even though I didn’t know what the change would be, I trusted that it would be better than where I was then. This is another one I like saying out loud, for 3–5 minutes and then watching my breath and thinking it for the remainder of the time. Be cautious when you use this one. It does work, especially if you say it from your heart- genuinely praying for the change. It will come.

3) I am the Universe and this is my playground. This mantra awakens joy and hope in me. I find this to be useful in combatting depression and a lack of desire for creative expression. If I wake up feeling uninspired or just ‘reluctant’ for some reason, this is a mantra that helps me remember that there is so much to experience and enjoy in life. I haven’t used it for manifesting yet but I am planning to.

4) I breathe in compassion and breathe out hurt. This one is great if you have had a recent hurt and have a hard time healing from it. It works to open our hearts. You can replace the underlined words with whatever you need or are working on.

5) Who am I to worry? If you are stuck in a fear loop repeat this mantra to yourself for a few minutes-make it five. It is about surrendering fears and the catastrophe scenarios our minds conjure up. Even though we can’t see and know everything, we believe that if we worry we can intervene and prevent it. By worrying we assume that we know enough. But we don’t. We have no control over when the sun will rise, how long the wind will blow or when the leaf will stop clinging to a tree. Basically, we don’t know enough to worry.

Worry is about focusing on negative future possibilities. Right now, there are probably a million possibilities ahead of us. Which ones we are attracting and creating depends on where we send our thoughts and energy. That is why mantras are great. They help break up the crazy loop that causes us to manifest undesirable outcomes. Add a little light funny, playfully sarcastic energy to this mantra as you say it. You may end up smiling.

6) I am free to be me. If you ever feel constricted by others’ expectations of you and feel unable to step into your authentic self, this allows air and light to come in and expand your whole being. You may find yourself able to breathe easier and with a sense of renewed freedom. Sometimes I like to add, ‘it is safe to be me” to this mantra.

7) I don’t know anything. This one is about surrendering our ego self to connect to what is greater, more expanded, more loving and less constricted. It helps us get past our conditioned self and opens us up to the possibilities our mind by itself cannot perceive. Knowledge is the egoic mind. That is why Don Miguel Ruiz titled one of his popular books, “The Voice of Knowledge” (referring to the mind). By admitting that we don’t know anything, we actually open ourselves up to knowing more than we think we do. By putting our faith into this mantra, we prepare our mind, our eyes, our ears, and even our bodies to receive new insights and alternative ways to our desired outcomes.

8) Peace in my heart, Peace in my soul, Wherever I’m going, I’m already home. This one is great for transitions and stepping into the unknown. It reminds us that we have a choice to feel at home in our hearts, no matter where we are, who we are with or where we are going. Peace is a state of mind. Until it becomes the norm, we need to prevent our old reactions from tripping us up too long. This mantra encourages us for peaceful living and to take things as they come.

9) I let go and I let God. This mantra is about surrendering outcomes, knowing that our highest good is always available to us if we can loosen our grip and drop the resistance. If the word ‘God’ offends you in any way or your mind wants to argue about what it means, choose another one that you are comfortable with. Such as, “I let go and let the Universe take over”. The cool thing about this mantra is that even though it seems simplistic, this mantra can bring relief and calm the mind. First, it is released from the burden of trying to figure a way to your desired outcome. With that pause, it becomes open to a stream of possibilities

10) I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. This is a Hawaiian mantra (Ho’oponopono) that clears feelings of guilt and resentment we have toward someone (or even an organization). If you had done something wrong that hurt someone or you’ve been wronged but do not wish to carry that energy forward (it reduces our manifesting power!), this is a great one to repeat. I like putting my hand on my heart to solidify my intention. You may get tears, let them come. It’s part of the healing and letting go. Let it cleanse you. Even though the original procedure is a long ceremony done with a witness (preferably with a healer), the short version of this healing tradition can start opening the gates of forgiveness.

11) The roads are clear and the doors are open. This one came to me during one of my meditations. I pictured open doors and clear roads in my mind. It felt really good, positively freeing. Imagine a cool, minty breeze on your body as you say this. It speeds it up.

12) Om (aum). This is probably the most popular one we all know. I have to tell you when you build a relationship with this sound, you can use it to clear crystals, rooms, your energetic body and charge possibilities with it. It is a great chakra balancer. When I say this one, I imagine it sending healing vibrations to every corner of my body and re-calibrating my chakras. It is an overall sweep or a single razor-precision self-healing tool. Whichever way you choose to use it.

We have so many tools at our disposal. Everything starts and ends in the mind. Our mind is the steering wheel of our lives. If we are not at the wheel, it will drive itself into the ocean or worse, somewhere where there is no chocolate.

What are some of your favorite mantras? What has your experience with meditation been like? Maybe you will find that a 5-minute mantra meditation a day can kick off many miracles for you.

Banu is an intuitive coach and a healer. Her passion is removing mental, emotional and energetic blocks that hold people back from the ultimate joy of living. You can connect with her on her website and her budding Facebook Group.


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