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Make a “Super Resolution” to Get Your Mind Fit

When we plan our New Year’s Resolutions, we often create goals like exercising more, quitting smoking, or eating healthier. Yet, research shows only eight percent of us are ultimately successful in achieving the goals we set. According to Dr. Richard Wiseman, professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, people fail at their New Year’s Resolutions mostly because they rely too heavily on sheer willpower and set unrealistic goals for themselves.

As a result of recent scientific findings, we now have the knowledge and the opportunity to make these resolutions stick, simply by getting our minds “fit”. New studies in neuroscience and behavioral psychology have shown us that developing our psychological resilience, or mind fitness, can position us for more success in all areas of our life. So, instead of just making a resolution to lose weight, you can make a “Super Resolution” to increase your mind fitness, which can set the foundation for achieving all your important goals.

The great news is that you can kick-start your mind fitness practice right now. First, by applying a more mindful, positive outlook (a key feature of a fit mind) to how you view your smaller resolutions, you will increase the chances of success in reaching them. It’s important to maintain a sense of optimism as part of your Super Resolution, you’ll create a chain reaction of positivity, leading you to notice more good things, maintain motivation and open up new ways of thinking.

Another important key component of mind fitness that will help in accomplishing any resolution is to engage the support of family and friends. It’s probably intuitive but research validates that making our resolutions more social keeps us accountable and provides the motivational support to keep going. For example, a new mind fitness program called bLife, offers users a way to get valuable feedback from their loved ones. After first taking a personal assessment of their current mind fitness level, users send a similar assessment to their friends and family in order to get a 360-degree view of how they’re doing.

Since there is overwhelming and conclusive evidence that our minds critically influence our overall health, happiness, and ability to perform in life, setting the Super Resolution to get your mind fit in 2014 is a smart way to make sure all of your other resolutions stick.

bLife is a wellness innovation company developing the first personalized fitness program for the mind.  Guided by the groundbreaking findings in neuroscience and behavioral psychology, the Company’s mobile technology wellness platform empowers people to build psychological health or “mind fitness” through engaging, brain-based training exercises, aided by coaching and a supportive user community.  Effectiveness of the bLife program is quantified by the improvement of key biological health markers, quality of life, and better overall life performance.  


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