How to Stop Sweating and Shaking Over Those Big Business Decisions

Decisions are not a democratic thing.

Trash the complicated charts with spider web diagrams.

You’ll just fry your brain.

The small stuff is easy, but those Goliath-sized choices…

They can bring a torrent of sweat and Richter-size nervousness.

As the complexity oozes in.

The biggest mistake you can make as a business owner

As a business owner, I would often put the “pro” in procrastination.

Not wise. Because he who hesitates is lost in this nanosecond age of global competition.

Napoleon Hill nailed it: “Indecision is the seedling of fear.”

While I was turning blue, life decided for me.

Because, as Will Rogers wryly noted, “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.” 

After all, time ticks on.  Sooner or later, I got an avalanche of “mañana”— and frenzied cope.  I had to drop everything and douse this fire immediately!  They don’t make aspirin big enough to zap that headache.

Is there a way to smother those flames of maybe?

How do you cut down on all that sweating and shaking?

Be like a Boy Scout

Be prepared!

Sure, emergencies will flare up out of nowhere: a water pipe explodes on the jobsite. A major client suddenly cancels their order.

And these urgencies, like a midnight tornado, add turbulence as they pull your decision making into the immediacy of the moment and away from expansion—where it needs to be. You’re reactive instead of proactive.

Avoid that by following your scout manual — aka the company policy you wrote ahead of time to contain the surprises of life.

So when they erupt, you can either scramble for a time-and-a-half plumber or calmly move into action.

And all the while, focus your decision-making on the big picture.

Don’t count the carnage

Injuries will heal, crashes can be reversed. Regret is leprosy to business survival; its scars spread to all involved.

And it’s infinitely more painful than simply doing something — anything.

The problem is not the wreckage we cause, but rather our failure to take responsibility for that strewn debris.

So, instead of fretting over the rubble, take a tip from Robert Kiyosaki: “Don’t waste a good mistake…learn from it.”

That holds true for you and your staff. Those who will decide ultimately get more respect than the wafflers. And as long as you hit more home runs than flies, you’re fine. But any decision beats no decision.

Keep the epidemic at bay

If you don’t delegate any company decisions, your business will soon be infected with the one-man-stand disease.

The symptoms are easy to spot: a snail’s pace of activity and a frantic, frustrated staff. Micromanagement is the father of uncertainty and fear.

And if left unchecked, the disease spreads procrastination and confusion as decisions wind up in the pending basket. Choices are never made in turmoil.

As this virus spreads, it cripples your workforce as your business contracts, just like that noose you tighten around the competency and stability of your staff. Thus sprouts the seeds of insurrection.

What’s the vaccine? Trust in the team.

You hired them. You trained them. Now let them make their own decisions. Any uncertainties they have are cured by simply having them follow your written policy.

Shed that flab

Like it or not, indecisions pile up like a ton of love handles. Time to go on a diet.

Otherwise, they will hang around like that third helping of pumpkin pie.


So make a list of those indecisions; complete what you can. Every decision that you finally make will feel like you’ve shed a pound.

You’re looking better already.


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