How to Send Your Spirit from Zero to Sixty (Part I)

You deserve happiness, productivity, and mental health.

But you have to be ready for it.

You have to desire to work for yourself.

You have to desire a lifework that brings you joy and fulfillment every day.

You have to desire to own your life and your time and your spirit.

So now, learn from me. I know how long it took me to own my life.

Your Vehicle

Each one of us is a vehicle to transport us to our own happiness.

For decades, my car was stuck in neutral.

In fact, some of the time, I swear I was going backwards.

Finally, I discovered that the problem wasn’t my car.

The Problem: I didn’t know where I was going.

I needed a map.

In fact, I’d worked for companies that talked endlessly about where they wanted to go, and, the smartest people there would compare every activity, service, product against that vision of where the company wanted to go.

That destination comes from a mission statement.

Mission statements are those bright stars on the horizon to guide you in the right direction.

I needed to take my life work as seriously as I took working for others.

I realized that not only did I need a mission statement, I deserved one.

You do, too!

You need to always know where, in your case, true north is, to have a well-informed internal compass.

Companies pay consultants thousands of dollars for a destination.

Don’t you deserve the same? Of course, you do, and you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for it.

In fact, you only have to ask one person to help you…yourself.

Here’s the Bad News:

Such a simple, yet seemingly life-altering task can seem overwhelming.

Here’s the Good News, and it Far Outweighs the Bad News:

There’s no quicker way in the world to feel good now and from now on.

If you’re tired of asking other people for food, so you learn how to fish, farm, hunt, or find some other way of feeding yourself.

Sure, you’re used to working for someone else, and maybe, if you’re really lucky, you love what you do.

But, you’re not reading this post if you have complete confidence in your vehicle and direction.

More Good News:

You don’t need an exact destination for lifework, just a region, a country, an area.

If you get too specific, your transformative search becomes more difficult and perhaps self-defeating.

So, let’s craft that mission statement:

What does a Mission Statement Need?

1-It must be about you as Human Being as much as a human doing, positioning you for constant growth.

2-It must be a prospect that brings you joy every day.

3-It must involve work that’s so immersive, you lose track of time.

4-It must, after a specific and reasonable amount of training, be something that you’re efficient at, (corresponding to the 80/20 rule, such that you can do 80% of your most important work in 20% of the time needed).

5-It must provide a balanced lifestyle with your most important values, and pervasive health in every respect, in your relationships, your physical well-being, and your emotional and spiritual situation.

6-It must give you plenty to work with and plenty of choices on how to SUPPORT your mission, but specific enough so that you know when you’ve gone off track.
In Part II, I’ll share my mission statement with you, but before that, let me show you as simply and clearly as I can what a mission statement does.

Your Mission Statement’s Purpose

It provides something that every second of every minute of every day, your actions can ALIGN with.

If your car isn’t aligned, it can cause an accident and puts a drag on driving.

If you are in doubt about how worthwhile an activity is in terms of your lifework, REVIEW YOUR MISSION STATEMENT, and get aligned.

If it’s part of your mission, keep at it.

If it’s not, let it go.

If you’re not sure, pause and consider. The worst thing you can do is activity, just for the sake of activity. Busyness and productivity are NOT the same thing. Activities are productive if they advance your lifework. Otherwise, they are just taking up space and time in your day, and, once you have a mission statement, you’ll realize just how precious the resource of time is to you. You won’t want to surrender it unless you are getting a return on your investment.

In Part II of this Post, I’m going to show you exactly HOW to construct a mission statement and provide mine as an example.

Go on to Part II tomorrow!

Lars Nielsen is a free-lance copywriter with a unique selling voice from the cadence and imagery developed through poetry, playwriting, fiction, radio, and comedy.  Go to and see how Ultimate Influence Copywriting can tell compelling stories for your business, your speeches, your ideas, and your life.


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