How To Overcome Self-Sabotaging Thought Patterns For The Rest Of Your Life

Peter G. James Sinclair has this past year been a prolific contributor to Pick The Brain, and his articles always attract a lot of great comments from our readers – so please allow me to share a little bit more about him with you.

But before I do that, Peter recently asked me for an endorsement and this is what I wrote:

‘Peter is one of the most passionate and intelligent self-improvement bloggers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He tirelessly aims to produce compelling and thoughtful content and he succeeds, whole-heartedly. He is an inspiration to me and most definitely to his ever-expanding audience. If Peter created it, I endorse it. It’s just that simple.’

For many years Peter was his worst enemy.

Any success that he ever pursued was sabotaged by his own mindset.

His own brain declared – who are you to think that you can have ever experience true success? What right have you to succeed? Success happens for everyone else but it’ll never happen for you. You’re too young. You’re too old. You don’t come from a successful family. And on and on and on it went relentlessly.

That’s when he decided that he needed to change – and when he started to partake of motivational and inspirational books, listened to personal development speakers and signed up for courses that would help him take charge of his limiting thought processes, he positioned myself for future success.

It worked!

Then as he started to interview other people about their challenges – they came back with the following questions that harassed them:

  • Why am I not getting success?
  • Why do I struggle with being motivated and staying motivated and focused?
  • Why do I struggle with disappointment and failure?
  • Why is it so hard for me to stay motivated when I feel so overwhelmed by different directions and possibilities?
  • Why do I battle with self-doubt, lack of discipline, previous setbacks and knockdowns, and lack of reward for effort?
  • Why do I struggle with my own self worth?

This inspired Peter to help others. For if it could work for him, then he knew that it could definitely work for them.

So for well over two years he put together a program that was specifically designed to help individuals to overcome their own self-sabotaging thought patterns and assist them in breaking through the success barrier that may have resisted them to that point in their life.

Called Self Development Mastermind and consisting of 6 modules, 24 videos, 24 audios and 24 text presentations (over 12 hours of instruction) along with 6 Positive Action Sheets that allow the participants to apply what they learn immediately to their lives, it is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to initiate positive change in their life.

In Module 1 – YOU INC. you will learn how to clearly define and position yourself for your own personal success and begin to discover and identify your uniqueness, along with the true value of who you are and what you can become. You will learn how to cast off the chains of restriction that may have held you back to date, and be freed to be yourself; to tap into the enormous resources available to you in your own brilliant mind.

In Module 2 – YOUR PASSION you will learn how to define and discover your passion. You will dig deep in the pursuit of your passion and be provided with the keys to living a passionate life. In addition this module touches on how you can begin to turn that passion into a financial resource if you wish. For there is nothing better than to live your days doing what you love, and to be paid for it. Work is no longer work – but rather a joy if you have the courage to pursue your passion.


In Module 3 – YOUR MOTIVATION looks at the motivational foundations required to build a motivated life. Building blocks are provided along with powerful strategies and tactics designed to assist you in living a motivated life 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In addition you’ll learn of the motivational fortifications that you need to put in place so that others, who may not be as motivated as you are, will not be able to derail you from achieving your exciting future.

In Module 4 – YOUR SUCCESS focuses on your success – the discipline, the development, the determination and the destiny that is yours if you apply the principles taught throughout this powerful course. Everything you are taught in this program has been birthed in the real world. This is not theory. These are tried and tested principles that have allowed people to live successful lives throughout the generations. Do as they have done, and then you can be all that you were created to become – magnificent.

In Module 5 – YOUR LEADERSHIP it makes it very clear that in order for us to lead others, we must first and foremost lead ourselves. The lessons and the qualities of leadership, as presented in this module, will equip you with the ability to use the power of leverage in your life to create momentum in all that you pursue, while at the same time position you to experience leadership longevity. Not a flash in the pan leader. But rather a leader filled with integrity and one who commands the respect and admiration of their peers.

In Module 6 – YOUR ACTION instructs you on the power of developing ‘do it now’ action, how your life will be defined by your actions, and how you can begin to demand from yourself successful actions that will make a massive difference in both your life and in the lives that you touch in the days ahead. By applying the principles taught here, you will become renowned as the one who gets things done.

Along with this Peter is adding 8 incredible bonuses – Daily Motivational tools, books, motivational posters for your desktop along with some amazing interviews with some extremely successful people (and I’m honored to be one in this auspicious company of people) – all designed to reprogram you for success.

If you’re wanting to effect positive change in your life, then may I encourage you to check out what Peter has on offer today at Self Development Mastermind.


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