Day 47: How to Make Every Night A Date Night

Too tired for sex?

Make it a date night and see what happens.

Spending quality alone time with your spouse will give your relationship the nutrients it needs to thrive. Unfortunately, intimacy is often the first thing to get cast aside and set on the back burner. When managing work, household chores, and parenting, one-on-one time is all too easy to ignore.

Yet making alone time for your partner each day can help to make life glisten for both you and your partner.

Here are 8 simple ways to make every day a date night.

1.  Making Out With A Movie Night. Choose a movie and cuddle on the couch (distraction free). Leave your laptop on the desk and your phone on the charger. Pop some popcorn and curl up under your favorite blanket for a relaxing night of bonding with the stars. (Don’t forget to kiss!)

2.  Move Your Bodies Together. Listening to songs you once shared together can bring back memories of your courtship and more carefree times. These memories can stoke amorous feelings. Surprise your mate by creating an iTunes playlist, then move the furniture and start dancing!

3.  Create A Weekend On A Weekday (Any One Will Do). Take an extra long morning on a week day to make breakfast together, lounge over coffee, see a movie in the morning or maybe even meet for lunch. Breaking the monotony of the work week by adding some weekend flavor is romantic, spontaneous, and highly effective.

4.  Turn Up The Heat In The Kitchen. Preparing a simple, romantic dinner together creates happy palates and happier hearts. Choosing a fun recipe, shopping for the ingredients ahead of time, then turning on some tunes to enjoy as you cook will create a feeling of warmth and togetherness. Now, take the heat to the bedroom for dessert!

5.  Playing Games. Playing board games or video games can add a lot of levity to the room, and is a terrific way to initiate interesting conversation and friendly competition. Cards, Chess, and Connect Four can all bring out the kid in you and create a lot of laughter in the home.

6.  Making A Moment For Massage. Find your finest linens to put on the bed, set up a calm space with candles, massage oil, music and moves to make your spouse feel relaxed and loved. The art of touch has many benefits, and making time to massage your spouse may lead to other night time pleasures. Remember the rule of


7.  Coming Up With Creative Concoctions. Re-read old love letters, write new ones, gaze at old photographs, or make a digital photo album together. Create something together that holds your interest. Using your imagination for creative play is a great way to relax and energizing for couples. Getting in touch with your creative side enhances your mind and improves your relationship.

8.  Holding Hands. Making time to hold hands is one of the simplest physical intimacies

that gets overlooked in the busyness of a day. When we touch we release oxytocin,

dopamine and serotonin, which creates a a dip in our stress level. The power of touch

cements the bond between couples and is a non-verbal way to communicate

feelings of love and security.

Making time and space in your life for your spouse requires commitment, great time management and a sense of mindfulness. If you have a standing (sacred) time carved out each day for your partner, you are far more likely to maintain the date.

Finding time to connect about your hopes and dreams for the future, then working together to make them reality will give you confidence that there is always time for one another. Make a plan, set a time and have fun looking forward to this must-do among the many you juggle each day. Your partner will appreciate the time and attention and your relationship will feel healthier and stronger.


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