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Let’s Be Friends: 3 Things to Say To Your The Scale

For many of us, the simple act of stepping on the bathroom scale has become a dreaded, nerve-wracking chore. We need to know if our health and fitness program is working, but the idea of the needle moving in the “wrong” direction sends us into a panic.

We want information, but only if it’s good information.

If we have maintained our weight or gained an ounce, we are disappointed and disgusted with ourselves and angry with the scale for being the Bearer of Bad News.

We have given an inanimate object the power to ruin our day and derail our fitness efforts.

We have turned the scale- a common household item- into The Enemy.

We don’t like it. We don’t want to go near it. Every time we look at it, our hearts beat a little faster- and not in a good way.

Let’s reverse this sad state of affairs and let the bathroom scale become our helpful friend.

3 Things To Say To Your Scale 


The quickest way to turn an enemy into a friend? Act like you are thrilled to see it.

“Good morning!”

“Hey there!”

“Good to see you!”

Your scale is not there to please or upset you. IT IS THERE TO PROVIDE INFORMATION. Acknowledge what it tells you and then thank it for doing its job.

“Thanks for the information.”

“Wow, you are so helpful!”

“I really needed to know this! Thank you very much!”


Remove your scale’s power over you by getting it out of your life and headspace- at least for a week.

“See you next week!”

“Bye! Talk to you later!”

“Adios, amigo!”

Write these three steps on a 3 X 5 card so that you won’t forget what to say they next time you want- or need- to weigh yourself.


Angela Norton Tyler is an author (Queen Mother), educator and mother of two. Angela inspires and educates women to embrace their fitness super powers and fall in love with their scales (really!). Check her out at {}.


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