Day 43: How To Improve Every Relationship You Have In Just A Few Easy Minutes

Though it might just make the world a better place a paragraph at a time, the art of letter writing is dying.

The nails in the coffin are hammered an email at a time as the ink that once amplified human thought moves closer to memory (while the pixels multiply to replace them).

But YOU know better.

You know that in just a few minutes, you could give a boost to your inner confidence and improve the personal world of someone you love.

The same communication that once required long weeks of anticipation is now available at the speed of a click, and often from your palm or pocket. The euphoria that once came with a fresh delivery of mail is in danger of disappearing forever.

The art of writing letters to people we care about, including our friends, family, spouse, children and even ourselves, is now endangered.

But letter writing still holds power; a power you can harness to show others you care, place permanence to your thought, and improve the character of your memory.

Writing is Personal and Permanent

A hand written letter is the ultimate gift; unique, priceless and possible only from you. By using your valuable time to carefully craft your words, you are showing the recipient you care about them more than the million trivialities that seem to swallow most of us whole each day.

Once the thoughts that usually fall from your lips start bleeding across the page, they take on a permanence that’s otherwise impossible. Most conversations drift to fragmented memory and emails are rarely read twice. But a letter can be folded, saved and reread time and again.

Your Words are a Gift to be Remembered

Like pulling the bow from a Christmas present, finding a love letter addressed to you can leave you beaming with excitement and brimming with curiosity. Writing weekly love letters to those you cherish most is an excellent way to give them the gift of knowing they’re special enough to you to deserve your time, attention, and permanent thought.

A Quick Way to Confidence

When you take the time to express yourself, you are crystalizing your own thoughts. Whether you are telling your wife you love her, your son that you’re proud of him, or yourself that you’ve been doing a terrific job, taking a few minutes to write a letter to someone you love is a small thing that can make a big difference.

Time is a valuable commodity, and most people do everything they can to keep the lion’s share for themselves. By writing love letters, you are letting your loved ones know they are important in your life.

You can start strengthening the character of your relationships today, a letter at a time.


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