How to Experience Life

Many of us go through life without truly living it.
Jonathan Swift once said;
“There are only few who live today, most of us live tomorrow”.

I have mostly lived in tomorrow, always looking forward, aiming for my goals.
Many times I have let my happiness and well being today slide so that I can produce results that will benefit me in the future.

Find Balance
I wrote about this in depth in an earlier post here at Pick The Brain: How to find Balance in Life but I want to mention it here since it is an important subject.

If you cannot balance your needs of today with the needs of tomorrow you will not be able to focus 100{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} on your goals and you won’t be able to continuously produce high quality results.

How I try to Increase “daily living”
As I said I have had a lot of problems focusing on today’s needs, I have such a focus on my goals that I have been close to burning out multiple times, I have had to stop myself from working so that I don’t neglect my family and I have had to force the habit of a daily work out to save me from health care troubles.

With that said, I have gotten a lot better at it.
I have learned that life today is pretty good, that happiness is a choice and one I don’t have to wait until tomorrow to live and that spending time on all 4 major areas of my life makes me more efficient in each: Family, Health, Career and Finances.

An exercise that has helped
Something that has helped me has been to take 30 minutes every day and just focus on the now. Thinking;
“What do I really want to do NOW? “
“What makes me the happiest?”
“How can I spend as much time as possible doing what makes me happy?”
“What do I have to be happy about?”
Do that for 30 minutes, it gives you 30 minutes of freedom every day.

Make it a habit
Make living in the now a habit. Practice gratefulness and mindfulness, practice happiness, take time for yourself, your family, your friends, do whatever you need to feel good about yourself.

If you live today you might not have to dream about tomorrow
If you take a hard look at your life, you might realize that you have already achieved most of your goals, maybe you have achieved enough?
In that case, why not just be happy?

Action Exercise
• For 30 minutes/day focus on yourself;
“What do I really want to do NOW? “
“What makes me the happiest?”
“How can I spend as much time as possible doing what makes me happy?”
“What do I have to be happy about?”

I hope you liked this article and found it useful.
If you would like to read more from Daniel M. Wood you can find more at his blog Looking to He writes mainly about Motivation and the Principals of Success.

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