How To Diet: DON’T


Have you been searching for the perfect diet? Reading all those diet plans people are trying to sell to you, and struggling to pick or choose which one would help


you the most? Well let me tell you the secret to successful dieting…DON’T.

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How to Not Diet

At least, not in the traditional way. You see, people that make diet plans, food replacement pills, or magic weight loss programs are, surprise, just trying to get money! You are looking to better yourself and achieve a higher level of health, and all these salesmen are just waiting like vultures to pick your pockets dry!

Who do you trust? What do you do? I’ll tell you…don’t pay a single cent for someone to tell you how to eat. Why? Because the key to great health is simple…and I’m going to give you the secrets for FREE right now.

Understand Your Body

Your body works like a car. You fill it with fuel, drive it around, and refill it before it sputters and dies. Graphic, I know, but simple and true.

Now, your body is a little bit more complicated than a car and uses different fuels for different things. If you fill up your body with an overload of just one fuel, it will malfunction.

Therefore, you need a special diet. A diet that has been dead for years and years.

You need…a balanced diet.

That’s it. That is the big, not so- secret people have you pay hundreds for. You don’t need to stop eating sugar, become a vegetarian, or worship kale. All you should ever worry about, unless you really enjoy the science of hormones and vitamins, is not eating too much of one thing.

That is the magic formula for eating correctly. You’re welcome.

Eat Sugar

Balanced eating, however; is often misunderstood. People go straight to the food pyramid and realize there isn’t a dessert section…suddenly everyone is up in arms about how terrible sugar is and you can’t eat it.

This is not true. Too much sugar is bad for you yes, but too much kale is bad for you as well.

Therefore, Eat sugar.

Just eat it sparingly.


My coach used to tell us during season to eat more carrots, but to eat some form of dessert once a week. When I asked him why, he explained it this way:

Say your body gets used to only eating carrots throughout the season, but then one day season ends and you eat a big mac with a large frosty. What kind of reaction do you think your body is going to have?

My coach would put it this way, “Your body will go through everything you eat, sorting out your food…carrots…more carrots…still carrots…holy sh*# what is this?!” Suddenly your heart gives out because your body hasn’t had that much grease and sugar for so long, it doesn’t remember what to do with it!

This same idea works with dieting. Can you honestly say you are giving up sugar forever? No. Eventually you will crack and eat ten pieces of cake (it happens to us all) and your body is going to freak out.

Instead, have a “cheat day” where you can eat sugar and grease in small portions (one or two pieces of cake) rather than binge eating after a sugar diet.

I Know You Know, Do You?

Now there is one more tool you need for successful not-dieting: Exercise. Crazy, right? First balanced eating and now exercise? Well it’s true. People spend so much time worrying about eating too much when all they need to do is burn more calories, not starve themselves.

You already know this so I won’t spend a lot of time on it. But here are some helpful insights to get you started.

Best Way to Not-Diet Exercise

Now imagine this: You decide right now that you are going to run a mile and do 10 push-ups every day. No matter how long it takes you or how painful it is. If you stuck with this for two weeks guess what would happen…it would be easy!

You would be stronger and healthier, which would allow you to bump it up to a mile and a half plus 20 push-ups. Suddenly, a month later you are twice as strong, healthy, and/or skinny.

It is that simple.

You don’t have to be superman, run ironmans, or deadlift a thousand pounds. Just run a mile and keep adding distance. This is another dirty little secret that dieting sites don’t want you to know.

Be Smart

So now what? Are you going to keep shopping for diet plans, magic pills, and kale? Or are you going to use these powerful tools and make yourself healthier, stronger, and happier for FREE? It’s up to you, but I would recommend trying the FREE way first. Stick it to the salesmen vultures, be confident, and get healthy. You can do it.

Devin Gray is a motivated athlete on a journey to help others in their quest to fitness, health, and happiness through free advice on the topics of mental toughness, fitness, and nutrition. Check out his website:


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