conquer the fear of new beginnings

How to Conquer the Fear of New Beginnings

Although many say that new beginnings are good for you, what they avoid to point out sometimes is how scary they can be. The fear of what comes next, that unpredictability of a situation, is not easy to accept. Often you will stay frozen in front of opportunities and maybe even miss a chance or two just because you were too afraid to take a step forward. If you don’t lose that fear, you might miss your window to fully experience a new beginning and all the excitement it carries. For that reason, take a look at these tips on how to beat that fear.

  1. Take a deep breath before doing anything

The next step is always hard, the new one is even harder. Before you decide you can’t do something, take a break and take a deep breath. Life-changing events are not supposed to be easy or predictable, but they can be overcome and manageable if you think it through and stop thinking about negative outcomes before anything has even happened. Take it step by step, know your surroundings, slowly ease into the different settings and be willing to give yourself a chance to start over. The most important thing to understand is that this is your big break to reinvent yourself.

  1. Have a safe haven

    pet cuddling time

Whenever there’s some big event, make sure you have a safe haven to go to if it becomes too hard or too frightening. This safe haven can be a person or several people, a place like a park bench or coffee shop, or just staying at home watching feelgood movies and cuddling with pets, a hobby or even working out. It’s very important to have something to turn to in order to avoid accumulating stress because too much tension can easily influence your feelings and opinion and, unfortunately, ruin this new start for you.

If you go to your loved ones for comfort, make sure they understand what this means to you and that they support you and help you overcome it rather than pressure you and judge you.

  1. Don’t put yourself down

When faced with something new, especially something like doing everything from scratch, we automatically tend to re-examine ourselves and momentarily decide that there’s something we can’t do even if we haven’t tried it. It’s great being aware of your self-worth, but putting yourself down without any evidence is just fear playing tricks on you. Instead, be excited that you’ll do something you haven’t done before, learn something novel and gain extra experience. New beginnings are more than just doing something for the first time, they are all about reinventing yourself and discovering new layers of your personality and believing in your own worth.

  1. Take help everywhere you can

People tend to think that asking for help, or using it is a sign of weakness. Actually, it’s only logical behavior since not all humans are the same and with the same abilities. For instance, Your Mates Removals can help when moving across Sydney, but generally, when moving to a new city or to a different place, specialized services are the first thing to come to your mind instead of moving boxes and furniture with your car. If moving within a big city you’d have to do several trips back and forth before you transferred your things, not to mention that some belongings can’t be moved in a car.

So using professional movers is not a sign of weakness, but it will take stress off your shoulders and let you concentrate on settling into the new surroundings and enjoying your new home. It will let you be relaxed to meet new people and feel more comfortable with yourself in that new environment.

  1. Different is welcome

    look at things from a different perspective

After a divorce or any other emotional trauma, people need new surroundings, but are scared to leave the nest they created thinking it protects them from further hurt. It’s very important you understand that nothing can protect you from that completely, because this is life and it gets hard and painful sometimes. What you should consider is that after the rain there’s always a rainbow, and anything different than what you are used to is more than welcome in your life. This will bring you much-needed change and encourage you to move forward and reinvent yourself, something necessary after a traumatic event. In order to stop being slaves of the past, people must embrace the future, and they can’t do that unless they defiantly look the present straight in the eyes.

After all

You can’t avoid new beginnings, no one can. They may come rarely and scarcely, but still they will happen. Stop wasting your time on overthinking everything that comes your way and just make that first stride along the path of surprising opportunities and bewildering events. Because everyone deserves to start anew, and so do you.

Leila Dorari is a freelance writer and selfimprovement enthusiast from SydeyCurrently, she is spreading the word on useful tips and tricks that can skyrocket one’s career odds. In her spare time, she is either window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.


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