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How to Be in the Present

‘Consider your thoughts like a dog passing by’

Be in the present. I’m sure you have encountered this statement at several occasions but how do we just be in the present? I’ve attempted to understand Eckhart Tolle’s teachings on this.

The above funny & yet wise statement has been said by Eckhart Tolle & I found it very interesting to write about because of the simplicity with which we can relate to it.

Firstly why is it so necessary to be in the present?

1. It helps you focus on the task at hand

In this age of so called multi-tasking, we keep switching back & forth between our cell phone, our laptops & many other distractions that happen around us. Some may be external where as some self-induced. We may feel we are doing a lot but the fact remains in order to be get something done effectively, we need to be in the present with it which will help us to give our full focus to the task at our hand so that we are more productive & get things done faster.

It helps to in clear thinking

Even while we are thinking about something, we have other thoughts going on in our head which are counterproductive to our main focus at that point of time. Being in the present will help us to think more clearly whereby we can take better decisions & have a better outcome

2. It’s just the way we are supposed to be

I think above all that’s just the way we are meant to think. If in the present we are worrying about the future or brooding over the past, we are losing the present moment where all our power lies so I think it’s sufficient to say that, it’s just the way we were meant to be. Right here, right now.
It’s an extremely simple example of how we should look at our thoughts so that we can detach ourselves from it rather than give into our thoughts every time.

Eckhart Tolle has given us a few steps which I have simplified below

1. What about something that needs to be worried about?

Thought will always question us. He explains that thought will always bring out a question or reason for why we should not be in the present as that is what the job of thought is. Just because our thought is bring up a question of worry does not mean we have to worry about it. We have to understand that we can make a choice on this.

2. Don’t get drawn into every though that comes into your head.

We wouldn’t chase every dog that we see, would we? Similarly we can choose or rather we must learn to choose which thought we want to follow & which thought we want to let go off. Being aware about our thoughts occurring will give us the practice of deciding whether we should delve on it or let it go.

3. There is a time for planning or thinking

He says there is a time to plan our thoughts where we need to think & decide about the future but it’s not everywhere & not all the time. Once we are done with it with the planning & thinking, we need to then let go & again be in the present.

4. Observe your surroundings when you need to be in the present.

Look at the physical objects & observe their stillness in order to be present right now. Look at the simplicity of the surrounding & try to disconnect your identification from the situation you are creating for yourself. There is nothing else but the present moment. Rather than being against what is happening. Are we making the present moment into an enemy or into a friend?

Lastly, remember to treat your thoughts like a passing Dog & then decide if you want to pat it or let it go 🙂


What motivated me to blog ?

Facing day to day challenges, it started to intrigue me how people have learned to be successful despite several odds stacked against them. I wanted to further understand the power of our minds as to how it affects the rest of our life.

I thought the best way to learn would be to share what I know & what I ready which is when I found “ Pick the brain” as a very suitable platform to share my thoughts which I hope will help others. Check more of my thoughts at my blog!


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