10 Things Guys Need To Learn Now To Be Real Men

This is a post for weak guys out there who want to be better.  This post is for guys that know they’re not living up to their full potential. This is a post for guys who want to be real men.

I won’t go deep into the idea of manliness. That is subjective as it is, so I simply want to talk about some everyday traits that can define whether you live up to life’s challenges or you don’t.

It drives me nuts sometimes because if most men, who find themselves nothing more than average, would just put in the effort to make a few simple changes, they could make a huge difference in their lives and the lives of those around them.

I may step on some toes, but here goes…

10 Things Guys Need To Learn How To Be Real Men

1) How to be loyal to your friends

A real man is loyal to his own friends. That’s a given.

It sounds pretty basic, but many people actually forget how to be loyal as time, work, distance and commitments make for drifting apart as they let all of these become excuses to start treating each other less-than-great.

So always remember where you guys came from. There’s a reason why you all were once close.

2) How to apologize

Real strength doesn’t only come from facing those you fear, but also those you’ve wronged.

It is the mark of manliness to actually be able to humble yourself, recognize that you’re wrong and make amends.

Plus, when you don’t attempt to apologize? You only end up making excuses and come across as an insecure jerk. And nobody likes that.

3) How to be on time

Speaking of waiting, a real man, or actually, anybody with any kind of self-respect for that matter should know how to be on time.

It’s sad that somehow today, it’s accepted to be late.

I don’t care whether it’s an accepted habit among your friends. This is a common-sense practice that shows you respect the other party and time itself.

If you don’t respect any of those, you don’t respect yourself either. So don’t be ever be late. Only little boys are late all the time.

4) How to stop being the nice guy who finishes last

Because only losers finish last. You can’t argue with me on that.

The thing is, a lot of guys have it in their heads that being nice means they have to lose; finish last place. And they accept the loss and all the pain, regret it brings because they get to pat themselves on the back that they are nice people.

This is such a faux pas. A real man should be both nice and also go for what he wants.

So set your sights on first place and do what it takes. No excuses.

5) How to stop TELLING others they’re the nice guy who finishes last

I hear it all the time.

“I’m in love with her. I’m always there for her, but she only sees me as a friend. That’s okay…”

“*Sigh* You know. I’m not rich like those guys. I don’t have even a have a car. But I always give my change to the homeless.”

And then, you want me to reply, “Hey that’s ok bro. You’re a nice guy. Someday, the right one will come along.” Or something along those lines.

Look, these are all great! It’s good to be nice! But why waste your time lamenting about it? Why are you always seeking validation instead of working your ass off to get what you want?

I think a real man doesn’t waste his time seeking attention and validation. He just goes for it.

6) How to be alone

Because the opposite is a clingy guy who keeps bothering everyone where they are, when they’re arriving and to please sit down and eat with him.

It reflects how insecure you are and the way you think people are looking are you. Plus it’s very annoying.

7) How to relax and have fun

Nobody likes an uptight person. That’s a given.

But for a guy, if you can’t relax, it means you constantly worry and stress out over every little thing. When a guy does that, it directly affects those around him.

Note: This is how a lot of bosses, supervisors and managers are considered bad and treat their employees badly.

A real man knows how to relax, that means to say he is able to accept the fact that things can go wrong. And he is prepared to take it on.

8) How to stop being so damn sensitive

Let me just put it straight…

I’m all for guys being in touch with their softer side and being sensitive towards others’ emotions.

But a guy can’t be so sensitive to the point that people are asking, “Why is this guy so sensitive?”!

A real man has to be firm and sometimes willing to throw his feeling aside and accept life as it is.

9) How to talk to a girl

To put it bluntly, when a guy doesn’t know how to talk to a girl, they start worrying about everything else and end up looking stupid.

This is when they ask, “If I add her on Facebook, will I look like a stalker?”

“If I like her picture on Instagram, will I look too desperate?”

“I hope she can smell my new cologne as I hover around the bar.”

And the problem is most guys think this is okay other guys are doing the same i.e. wait for her to make the move.

Love and romance may happen naturally like a natural force, but there’s no reason why you can’t take action anyway. Do it already guys. At least prevent the aforementioned embarrassing scenarios.

10) Deal with it

Feeling pain? Things not going your way? Having a bit of the cold? Tired?

Deal with it.

No more complaining, whining or wishing someone would pick you up.

You aren’t a little boy anymore.

Just. Deal. With. It.

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  1. Alone wolf says:

    May this work for me.

  2. Bill says:

    Nah, wasn’t deep enough or strong enough. Come on man don’t beat around the bush can you talk in manly terms?

  3. Manish Mehta says:

    really awesome Article, thanks for sharing.
    keep up the good work.

  4. hey aldan,
    i like your point #4 it is “stop being the nice guy who finishes last”.
    this is very great article and inspiring for me.
    thanks for sharing with us,

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