Mother nature helped me solve life problems

How Mother Nature Helped Me Solve These Life Problems

Mother nature is someone whom you can’t define in shape or size, from small invisible organisms to a giant blue whale, all constribute to her grandiosity. I always wanted to improve the lives of wild animals. But, who knew that over the time; beautiful animals and mother nature would teach me some of the most important lessons that will change my perspective towards my life.

Once, I came across a snake covered in the hot molten tar with a half-burned body. I tried every possible treatment, and the snake co-operated well as if he knew that I was helping.  The snake showed tremendous willpower and fought hard to survive and get out of that critical state. Sadly, the snake succumbed to the injuries. But, that snake in his last moments taught me a very important lesson and made me think about times when I gave up without even trying. Thus, I learned the first lessons from the mother nature, ‘Don’t give up without trying’. From that day onwards, I made mother nature my greatest life teacher.

Over the years, I learned many things by observing various animals and our beautiful mother nature. It made me realise the level of intolerance that I had to some trivial issues, and how mother nature can help me overcome them, and most of my life worries. And I know that mother nature has shared just a drop from her vast ocean of knowledge, and there is still an infinite amount of learning left.

Here is how mother nature helped me overcome following life problems:

  1. How can I avoid failures and tough phases in life?

I was surprised to know that apex predators like wolves have a hunting failure rate of ninety per cent, and that lion has an eighty per cent failure rate. Their life is very hard, and every day brings new challenges with it. But that’s how mother nature makes sure that only strong one should sit on top of the food chain. When these apex predators fail; instead of giving up, they learn, evolve, and become stronger than ever before. Thus, failures and tough phases ensure that only fittest and strongest survive.

I learned that failures are necessary for one’s development. As I was getting into my comfort zone; I was not becoming a better person. I have learned that breakdowns can help me overcome my weakness, and I have to surpass them in order to achieve something greater in life. Although failures are inevitable and can make us feel bad; we must remember that lions fail most of the time; still, they never give up, and that’s why they are called ‘King of the Jungle’.

2. Why my friends/peers are better than me?

“My friend is earning more than me.”, “He has already bought a car; should I follow his footstep”, “How can I have an exciting life like him,” I was comparing myself to others and let’s be honest, it’s not a good thing. I was worried about my future after comparing myself to someone else. But, after looking deep into the mother nature; I soon realised that every living being is special in its own way.  You just can’t compare the strength of a tiger with that of ant and the teamwork of the ant with that of the tiger. Mother Nature has created each living being unique, and it’s irrelevant to compare them. It made me realise that instead of comparing my weakness with someone’s strength; I should find where my strength lies and utilise it to bring a positive change in my life.

3. Where can I find true friends?

I was going through a tough situation, I needed a helping hand, and I asked one of my friends, but at the eleventh hour; he broke my trust. It made me think about my friendship, and I realised that it was based on some materialistic criterion. This was the moment of introspection and learning, and I went back into the woods behind my home; where I usually observe mother nature to relax my mind and learn new lessons. There I saw a pack of wild boars munching on fresh leaves, and I saw two baby boars playing with each other and enjoying the sunny morning. I think they were friends as their mother were different, and that’s when I learned a very valuable lesson. Those baby boars bond of friendship was pure. They enjoyed each other’s company, and that was the foundation of their friendship. This lesson is forever etched in my heart, and it helped me make very few friends, but I know they can do anything for me.

4. How can I find happiness?

There is no place for weakness in mother nature, and every animal goes through a life and death situation on a regular basis. But, have you ever seen a depressed animal? Or have you seen a tree which wants to end its life? The answer is no. The reason is, they live in the present moment and don’t worry about the future. If you look at the pride of lions, you will see that when they are together, they look so happy, and it seems that there are no difficult stuff going on in their life. So, what did I learned? I came to know that I have to be in the present moment not only physically but also mentally. When I am having dinner with my family members, I must laugh, chat, and have fun, instead of galloping my food silently with thoughts running through my mind. Also, animals don’t possess anything materialistic in this world yet they are so happy, and that’s when I learned that true happiness is inside me and not in any materialistic pleasure.

I strongly believe that mother nature has solutions to all of our life problems, we just have to trust and observe her. As Richard Slavin has rightly said,

“Mother nature is always speaking. She speaks in a language understood within the peaceful mind of the sincere observer. Leopards, cobras, monkeys, rivers and trees; they all served as my teacher when I lived as a wanderer in the Himalayan Foothills.”

Ketan Pande is the founder of GoodVitae, a platform where entrepreneurs and corporate leaders share life tips and advice. He is also a wildlife enthusiast, who finds inspiration from nature. You can follow his amazing twitter page here:


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  1. khushi says:

    nice article.thank you

  2. Ketan says:

    You’re welcome Khushi.

  3. Nikhil says:

    Such a great article, really amazing work done by you. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. Happiness is inside us. we should take inspiration from the nature to benefit all.

  5. Ketan says:

    Agreed! Thanks for sharing your views

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