How a Simple Formula for Resolving Problems and Conflict can Change Your Reality

Have a nagging problem you cannot solve in your personal or professional life? Imagine a simple mnemonic system to aid in your process to resolving problems and conflicts. The Human Character Formula, A + B = C, is an easy system to help break down the parts of a problem and focus on a solution.

A + B= C
Awareness + Belief = Communication

– Human Character Formula

What Are We Focusing On?

A in the Human Character Formula is for awareness (or focus). It is one of the most significant aspects of understanding since it is where everything begins; everything we do requires some level of awareness. Without awareness or consciousness we cannot gain understanding, so the significant issue here is; what are we focusing on? This is actually the first issue we must deal with in gaining understanding and solving matters. One can increase their focus by self-monitoring their awareness and finding strategies to maintain that focus.

Is Your Belief Reality?

B in the Human Character Formula is for belief. Belief is a critical component of intelligence because belief is our way of interpreting reality. Everything we confront in life requires that we adopt some concept about it. Do we trust our elected officials? Do we distrust them? Do we even have an opinion? The problem that we face here is, is our reality valid? Is it viable? How does it measure to universal societal ideas? How does it compare or even prioritize with scientific facts? Challenge your beliefs and find out if it’s time to change them.

Perception vs Fact

Belief is an important component of Human Understanding, one that drives us at a deep fundamental level. A discussion about politics for example, is going to run smoothly or contentiously depending upon each party’s viewpoint (belief). Likewise a couple with limited resources may or may not agree on a spending budget depending on what their focus or belief is about those resources. Here, you would investigate both their belief systems to determine why they believe the way they do. Or, they may examine their expression factors–one may be coming from fear while the other is coming from knowledge. Marriage counseling, for instance, attempts to make one partner more aware of the other’s beliefs in order to lessen non-productive verbal exchanges–otherwise known as fights–in the bedrooms of America. An important goal in such therapy is to make couples aware that their perceptions rather than facts may be responsible for the interactions.

Communication–Express Yourself

C in the Human Character Formula is for communication. By this we mean the way we express ourselves– what we express. This is the result of what we focus on and what we believe about what we are focusing on! The idea that one’s communication is a product of awareness and belief has been validated by psychologists, psychotherapists and mind scientists. Communication, whether verbally, written or through body language, holds the power to move others. The manner of communication is just as important as the content.

Dr. Robert J. Flower, Ph.D. is a successful entrepreneur, and Mensa scholar who has spent over 30 years analyzing human potential and developing an innovative methodology that allows people to reach the utmost levels of success in their personal and professional endeavors. Dr. Flower holds a Doctorate of Philosophy from Walden University in General Systems Sciences. He resides in New York with his wife Angela, enjoys free time on the golf course, trapshooting and with his three children and three grandchildren.


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